We’re looking forward to a busy 2022

The calendar year may be winding down, but we’re busy gearing up for an exciting new year. Now’s a good time to check your API implementations to make sure you’re prepared for upcoming deprecations. It’s also a great time for Premier providers to submit proposals for the 2021 Provider Innovation Fund, which is open through March 2022. Not a Premier partner yet? Stay tuned for an important Q1 survey that can earn you 50 points.

We’re working to provide you continuous support in the months ahead by offering new resources, solutions and product updates.


These will help you:


  • Plan and prioritise – stay in the know with changes to the 2022 Connectivity Programme and our new product roadmap
  • Improve your properties’ performance – explore key insights and resources designed to help your properties succeed
  • Grow, onboard or switch new properties – check out new ways to connect your properties and tips on success from your peers
  • Get information and support – see how you can earn additional points to clinch your status for the 2021 programme year

Plan and prioritise


Important deprecation updates

We’ve begun deprecating a few API features related to the Contracting and Photos APIs, and on 15 February will be deprecating these additional API options, which will eventually sunset – HotelierMessage, Licences and Children Policies V1. Review our deprecation schedule to make sure you’ve lined up alternatives – or have implemented any available workarounds – for all deprecations in the coming year.

Deprecation schedule

Improve your properties’ performance


A deep dive into pricing

We’ve expanded rates to include longer stay options, pricing per guest, and children rates – among other pricing improvements. You can help your partners embrace them with our new Pricing Foundations handbook. Designed exclusively for providers, it outlines key benefits for your properties around these new options and shows you how to utilise them for preferred outcomes.

Download the handbook      Explore Pricing Foundations

​​Grow, onboard or switch new properties


Partner Innovation Fund success stories

This past year, our Provider Innovation Fund supported over 300 projects. But it’s not over yet. Premier partners can take advantage of the 2021 fund until 31 March, when we’ll restart the programme for 2022. We’ve already seen some notable successes from providers, and we’re looking forward to seeing more proposals submitted before the deadline.

Read success stories

Get information and support


Coming soon - earn 50 points in our survey

We want to keep growing and expanding our partnership with you – and to do that, we need your help. Be on the lookout for the announcement of our upcoming Q1 survey, which is designed to help identify the most fruitful opportunities for our future collaboration. No deals will be available during this time, but you can earn 50 extra points simply by completing the survey. If you’re close to Premier or Advanced status, this could put you over the top.