Prepare yourself and your properties for peaks in demand in 2021

We know that travel is likely to recover gradually and at varying rates, reflecting how and when governments are able to accelerate vaccine distribution and relax lockdown rules and social distancing measures. Despite the unpredictability of the current situation, we are still seeing signs of encouraging demand for travel.

We’re working to provide you continuous support in the months ahead, by offering a variety of new resources, solutions and product updates. These will help you:

Plan and prioritise – get started with the all new Messaging API and explore the Reservation Outage Toolkit to create a fail-safe reservation environment
Grow, onboard or switch new properties – learn how our Onboarding Solutions package is helping Guesty run their onboarding processes more smoothly, and dig into tips that can improve your Supply Flow Score
Improve your properties’ performance – read DerbySoft’s success story on how they created a frictionless payment experience
Get information and support – find out who won a 2020 Connectivity Partner Achievement Award and be on the lookout for the upcoming satisfaction survey


Plan and prioritise

Messaging API

Introducing the all-new Messaging API

The Messaging API enables you to integrate guest communications with your inbox product on any platform. We’ve improved and strengthened the Messaging API using your feedback from the earlier version, so it’s now more robust and easy to integrate. You can get started quickly with clear and helpful documentation.

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Reservation Outage Toolkit

We’ve created the Reservation Outage Toolkit to help you resolve system outages quickly and reduce reservation failures. Each of these time-saving tools is designed to work in conjunction with the Reservations API to provide you with the intelligence and actionable advice you need to fix problems when they happen - and improve your performance over time. You can sign up for alerts and digests today by updating your emergency contacts. 

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Check out our 2021 Product Roadmap

Don’t forget to explore our 2021 Connectivity Product Roadmap, now easily accessible through our new logged-in experience

Join the Connectivity Solutions Deal

Q2 has kicked off, so you can now earn additional programme points by implementing selected API products and features as part of the Q2 Solutions Deal.


Grow, onboard or switch new properties

Introducing Onboarding Solutions

We’ve grouped our essential API products and features together to make the process of onboarding new properties to your platform as smooth and efficient as possible. Guesty is one of the first to adopt our Onboarding Solutions package. They share their wins so far  in a success story.


Onboarding Solutions Read the Success Story




Give your properties an advantage as demand rises – more exposure

Uploading rooms to our platform isn’t enough for prospective guests to find your properties. We’ve created a Supply Flow Model to represent the different stages where rooms can drop off in the guest journey –  often due to policies and restrictions your properties may inadvertently have in place. Learn how to turn this information to your properties’ advantage.

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Improve your properties’ performance


Create a frictionless payment experience 

Get inspired by DerbySoft’s success story. They’ve launched a widely requested Connectivity solution to help properties around the world adopt’s hybrid payment virtual credit card product – increasing properties’ visibility and bookings as a result. 

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Ready-made sales and marketing resources

We’ve created 10 extremely handy email templates you can use to help show customers the value of what you have to offer. Need a presentation deck for your sales team? Reach out and let us know. 

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Explore our Pricing Solutions

A great way for properties to stand out to travellers is to offer rates that are compelling and transparent. We’ve put together a new pricing framework to help you identify the ideal pricing solutions based on your properties’ needs.


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Get information and support

Awards LP image

Announcing the 2020 Connectivity Partner Achievement Awards

After a challenging year for the travel industry, we’re proud to announce 8 winners for their outstanding performance. Thank you for your dedication to our partnership.


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Click. 2021 videos now on the Connectivity Hub

Missed out on attending Click. 2021? Don’t worry. On the Connectivity Hub, you will find event highlights to get you inspired, informed and ready to make the most of 2021  –  and all its new horizons.


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Earn points by taking part in research

Please share your feedback in our Partner Satisfaction Survey, which kicks off mid-May. Your input will help us improve our partnership with your needs in mind, while also giving you a chance to earn 2 programme points.


An invite to the survey will be shared with you soon via email.

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