Vacation Rental Essentials

Increase the performance of your vacation rental properties

The vacation rental (VR) industry is a key growth area for many of our Connectivity Partners, and the challenges involved are different from working with more traditional properties.

As part of our commitment to short-term rental partners, dedicated teams are developing improved products to boost vacation rentals’ performance on Now VR Essentials brings these features to connected properties too.

VR Essentials is a curated selection of APIs that we’ve created specifically for businesses with vacation rentals in their portfolio. We’ll be adding more features to VR Essentials in the future, so stay tuned.

Use a growing selection of APIs tailored to the needs of vacation rentals
Increase performance with tools designed to help property managers
Earn points in the Connectivity Partner Programme by implementing APIs
Property Profile

Property Profiles

Sharing your property profile can help properties attract more bookers and set the right expectations for their stay. Why? Our data shows that getting info about property owners and property management companies can be reassuring for guests.


Property Profiles let properties highlight the unique benefits they offer, add information about their neighbourhood and include a welcome message for future guests.

Key Collection

Key Collection

Setting up a key collection policy helps make sure guests can get into the property hassle-free when they arrive, whether they pick up keys or enter a digital keycode.


Key collection minimises the time guests need to spend on check-in, which also reduces the risk of negative reviews. And depending on how guests can pick up their keys, it can actually remove the need for a property manager to be there to greet guests at all.

Guest Misconduct

Reporting guest misconduct

Reporting guest misconduct enables our partners to keep their properties safe and block unwanted guests from booking at the accommodation partner’s other properties.


Properties can use this feature to report various types of guest misconduct – it provides the same full functionality that’s available on the extranet.

Damage Deposit

Damage deposit

Setting a damage deposit gives accommodation partners peace of mind before guests arrive. The collection time for the damage deposit is automatically set to 14 days before arrival, but it can also be changed to seven days before arrival or simply upon arrival.


Partners can save time and avoid guest confusion by adding more details to their damage deposit information, such as when it will be collected, how they prefer to receive the payment and when and how they will return the deposit to the guest.

Benefits for your properties

  • Increase the performance of VR properties. Take advantage of tools specifically designed to increase the performance of vacation rental properties.
  • Stand out from the crowd. Set up Property Profiles to highlight unique benefits and manage guest expectations.
  • Facilitate key collection. Setting up a key collection policy helps guests get into the property when they arrive, without needing a 24/7 front desk.
  • Report guest misconduct. Keep properties safe and block unwanted guests from booking any of their other properties.
  • Set a damage deposit. Damage deposits give accommodation partners peace of mind before guests arrive.

Benefits for you

  • Be your VR properties' number one. Increasing bookings and giving your VR properties the features they need will help establish you as their go-to platform.
  • Earn points in the Connectivity Partner Programme. Implementing and using APIs from the VR Essentials selection will earn you points in the Connectivity Partner Programme.
  • Increase performance. Giving connected VR properties access to tools that improve their performance will make accommodation partners more successful in using your platform.