Room and Rate Plan Management APIs

Equip your properties with essential room and rate plan management functions.

Our data shows that 65,000 properties create or update their rate plans every 15 days. Yet, we found that many Connectivity Partners were not offering this important management function due to the time and resources required to implement the whole Content API.

These four, modular Room and Rate Plan Management APIs change this – enabling Connectivity providers like you to offer a full service to your properties, without heavy development work.

Room Management API

  • Create and update rooms
  • Activate/deactivate rooms
  • Add/update/remove room amenities
  • Add/remove room photos
  • Assign standard room names 

Room Management API

Rate Plan Assignment API

  • Assign/unassign rate plans to existing rooms
  • Set/change meal plans
  • Activate prepayment and cancellation policies on a property level and then assign it to rate plans through this call only New!
  • Assign policy overrides, also known as ‘day policies’ New!
  • Set/change booking rules (releases) New!

Rate Plan Assignment API

Rate Plan Management API

  • Create rate plans
  • Activate/deactivate rate plans
  • Set/change rate plan names
  • Set/change rate relations New!

Rate Plan Management API



Room and Rate Plan Information API

  • Read rate plan ID
  • Read current rate plan name
  • Read current rate plan assignment
  • Read current policy ID
  • List all deactivated rates
  • Read current policy code and policy override data New!
  • Read pricing types, e.g. length-of-stay, single use, etc. New!
  • Read current rate relations and meal plans New!
  • Read booking rules (releases) New!

Room and Rate Plan information API

Here’s how your properties benefit:

  • Automatically update and create rooms and rate plans in one place. Property partners no longer need to manually manage their rooms and rate plans on each platform.
  • More efficient room and rate plan management. Properties boost their efficiency by being able to carry out these essential tasks quickly and easily. 

  • Reduced errors, parity issues and lost revenue. No more discrepancies or parity issues between websites, leading to better performance and no risk of lost revenue.

Here’s how you benefit:

  • Offer a fuller service. By enabling properties to manage important room and rate plan management tasks from your system, you’re providing them with essential functions.
  • No heavy development work. As these new APIs are modular, they don’t require the same development time and resources as the whole Content API. 

  • Boost product engagement. Properties will be more engaged with your product because you’re reducing their manual workload, helping them improve their performance and making life easier. 

  • Reduced inbound and easier troubleshooting. With our read call – the Room and Rate Plan Information API – you’ll spend less time handling queries about managing room and rate plans for properties.