Reservation Outage Toolkit

Timely intelligence to help you solve problems

Whenever an outage happens – whether on your side or ours – every minute matters. To help resolve system outages quicker and reduce reservation failures, we’ve created the Reservation Outage Toolkit. Each of these tools is designed to provide you with the intelligence and actionable advice you need to fix problems when they happen - and improve your performance over time.   

Automated Outage Alert emails with actionable advice and Connectivity support contact information 
Fallback Summary Digests to help you diagnose systemic issues and improve your performance  
24-Hour Timeout Extension by request (if you need it)

Automated Outage Alerts

Instant information you can act on 


When we detect a technical outage or delay in your system, we’ll send an instant email alert to your emergency contacts with actionable advice to help get you back up and running as quickly as possible. 


Once the issue is resolved, you’ll receive a resolution email identifying the start and end times of the outage, as well as a link to the Partner Portal so you can examine your reservation retrieval times and email fallback numbers. It’s all designed to make downtime on your side easy to understand, and quick to fix. 


Update emergency contacts Learn more



Fallback Summary Digests

Achieve – and maintain – a 100% success rate 


If a reservation fails or times out, we want you to have all the information you need to understand why. Fallback Summary Emails provide you with daily and weekly email notifications for any failed reservations, along with information to help you measure your performance and spot any irregularities:

  • Daily/weekly success rate for all reservations 
  • Reservations not confirmed within timeframe
  • Reservations rejected
  • Reservations affected due to outages 

These emails also contain advice and links to the Partner Portal and options for support so you can quickly determine the scope of an issue and navigate your way back to a 100% success rate. 


Update emergency contacts Learn more



24-Hour Timeout Extension


Extra time to help you streamline operations


Do you need more time to process reservations? During an outage, you may have limited time to respond, making a 30-minute timeout acknowledgement all the more difficult to meet and maintain. 

We can help by initiating a 24-Hour Timeout Extension for all reservations except same-day and next-day reservations. While extending the acknowledgement period can increase the size of your reservation queue and the number of overbookings you experience, we encourage you to request an extension if you think it will be beneficial for your processes. 


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