Reporting API

This API allows properties to handle reservation updates for directly with their Connectivity Partner, instead of making changes manually on the extranet.

You can integrate the Reporting API on your interface for properties to, report a guest credit card as invalid, cancel a reservation with invalid credit card details, report a guest as a no-show and update the check-out dates or prices

You can implement only one of the endpoints, but we recommend implementing all of them.

Why do we have the Reporting API?

  • For PMCs and chains with central reservation desks managing multiple reservations, it can be inefficient to sign into multiple extranets. Using the Reporting API, properties can handle invalid credit cards, cancellations and no-shows for multiple properties in a single PMS or channel manager interface.
  • Handling invalid credit cards has been listed as the top pain point by properties using Connectivity. Many properties hire an extra FTE to handle invalid credit cards, as it is a manual process, the scope for errors and possibility of complaints increases. 
  • Delays in handling invalid credit cards result in reduced availability for customers. Bookings made with invalid credit cards block availability for potential customers. Reporting and handling these cases as quickly as possible helps unblock availability and maintain the occupancy of a property. 
Reporting API flow
Preferred interface

When asked which of the extranet features should be present on their Channel Manager or PMS interface, properties listed handling invalid credit cards as the most important.


Source: Based on a quantitative survey by with connected properties.

How does the Reporting API works?

Reporting API process

Benefits for your properties

  • Report invalid credit cards. Increase revenue by releasing blocked rooms quickly on Reporting and cancelling these reservations in as little as 24 hours opens up availability and maintains the occupancy of a property.
  • Report no-shows and save commission. By reporting all no-shows, you can make sure no commission is charged for any bookings made with free cancellation. You can also let us know in case the cancellation fee has been waived.
  • Improve the guest experience. The Reporting API reduces errors because properties can hire just one FTE to manage invalid CCs. The emails to the guest are sent automatically from, which results in a better guest experience.
  • Ease of operations. Properties handle all their reservation on PMS/CM. Integration with the API helps make it easier without switching windows.

Benefits for you

  • Reduce your inbound. Handling invalid credit cards is one of the top two pain points of connected properties. Integrate the Reporting API on your PMS to solve this key partner pain point.
  • Experience less hassle. Integrate with your existing payment solution to automate the process for your properties.
  • Integrate easily. The API can link to your existing reservation page meaning you can share the status for each reservation of your properties.
  • Benefit from support.’s teams will help you with technical issues, and we’ll also support communication with your partners. We’re available 24 hours a day on weekdays.

What do I do if...

I’m a stand-alone Channel Manager

The PMS is key. Integrating the Reporting API on its own is not enough as it doesn’t reach the end user – our properties


It’s critical that the API is also implemented via all the PMS you connect with.

I work with a payment gateway

You can integrate our API with your existing payment gateway. 


The credit card details are passed on to the payment gateway directly via the Reservations API. The payment gateway checks if the credit card is valid (zero-authorisation or pre-authorisation as per property policies).


If the response is negative, report the reservation as having an invalid credit card via the Reporting API. works with the guest to update credit card details and updates you via the Modifications API. If credit card details aren’t updated or are still incorrect, you can cancel the reservation via the Reporting API.

I’ve implemented the Reporting API already

Great! Please note there are some changes we’ve made.


You can now cancel reservations via the API’s cancellation endpoint. A field has been added to report waiver of fees in the no-show endpoint. This will make it even easier to process the waived commission in cases of no-shows and cancellations. And, the invalid credit card and no-show processes have been updated.