Property Scores API

Increase the quality of your properties’ listings to drive conversion on

The Property Scores API provides insights about the quality of property listings on Four scores and a breakdown of areas to focus on also show you how properties can improve the quality of their listings further.

Four scores that allow you to assess the quality of your properties’ listings
Help improve properties’ listings using a breakdown of areas to focus on
Brings together the Property Page Score, Quality Rating, Reply Score and Guest Review Score

Over the years, we’ve introduced a number of scores to indicate the quality and performance of property listings on But you’ve told us that those scores aren’t always easily accessible, and that they can be difficult for property managers to use – especially when managing large property portfolios.


That’s why we’ve now bundled four important scores into one solution, giving you more insight into what makes a listing attractive to users. The Property Scores API brings together the Property Page Score, Quality Rating, Reply Score and Guest Review Score. It’s now possible to see scores for individual listings or entire portfolios. You can also view multiple scores per listing, and use average scores per area in order to compare properties.


Within the API, the Property Page Score also offers clear actions property managers can take to improve their listings even more.

Property Page Score

A 100% Property Page Score can lead to up to 18% more bookings.

How does it work?

The Property Page Score analyses 20 or more elements of content quality that can increase the performance of a listing. These include things like the number and quality of photos, details of room sizes and directions to the property. Because users filter listings based on information like this, adding or improving these elements can help increase conversion.


The Property Scores API provides access to the Property Page Score for one or more properties at a time, as well as area averages that allow you to make comparisons. It also offers a clear breakdown of actions property managers can take to improve these scores.

Quality Rating

In 2019, we launched a new Quality Rating system for eligible vacation rental properties. It’s the first of its kind: a consistent and objective rating system specifically designed for apartments, holiday homes and villas around the world. It makes it easier for travellers to compare the quality of properties, and provides extra reassurance for first-time bookers. Quality Ratings help to manage guest expectations and therefore lead to better bookings, stays and experiences.

How does it work?

A property’s Quality Rating is calculated using a machine learning algorithm. This takes into account over 400 factors that can help travellers understand and compare the quality of different properties. These factors include size, location, facilities and more.


Eligible properties receive a Quality Rating score from 1 to 5, with 5 indicating the highest quality. The score is shown in the form of yellow tiles next to the property’s name. To make sure Quality Ratings remain accurate and locally relevant, they are regularly recalculated and benchmarked against nearby properties.


The Property Scores API can retrieve the current Quality Rating for all eligible listings.

Reply Score

Our research shows that guests appreciate quick replies to their requests and messages.

How does it work?

When property managers answer guests quickly, both their Reply Score and the overall guest experience benefit. Partners with high Reply Scores tend to have lower cancellation rates and higher Guest Review Scores.


Property managers receive a Reply Score after receiving their first 10 guest messages. The Reply Score is updated each day, and reflects the percentage of messages that the property manager has responded to within 24 hours over the previous 30 days.


The Property Scores API can retrieve the current Reply Score for eligible listings. The best way for properties to improve their Reply Score is to respond to guest messages quickly. To help them do this, they can also make use of other Messaging Tools such as automatic replies.

The Reply Score is one feature of our wider Messaging Tools service. We’re also currently working on a Messaging API that will make all of the features of our Messaging Tools service available to Connectivity partners.

Guest Review Score

After checking out, guests select an overall score from 1 to 10 to rate their experience at a property. The average of these scores is the property’s Guest Review Score, and this is publicly visible once a property has received at least three reviews. We also ask guests a series of optional questions, but their responses to these don’t count towards the Guest Review Score.

How does it work?

Guest reviews are one of the most important aspects of property information for users. Our verified traveller reviews provide credible insights that help travellers make booking decisions.


We built this review system based on feedback from guests and partners, and we use their ongoing input to continually improve it. We’ve designed it to help gather constructive feedback in a transparent way, and to be fair to all properties.


The Property Scores API can retrieve the current Guest Review Score for eligible listings.


The Guest Review Score is one feature of our Guest Reviews API. Learn more about the others on the Guest Reviews solutions page.