Promotions API

This API allows you to create, update and view performance of your properties' promotions on your interface. The API supports the creation of Basic, Last Minute and Early Booker Deals.

Besides, your properties can increase their revenue by targeting specific groups of guests. Now, they can set up rates for business travellers and particular nationalities in the Promotions API.

What are the different types of promotions?

Basic Deal

This deal is a simple way to lower the price quickly. It’s a simple discount offered to the customer for one rate type. This deal is not tagged with a specific banner for guests on the front-end (website and app).

Early Booker Deal

This rate helps properties target customers looking to book in advance. It’s recommended to set at least 30 days as the minimum booking window. This deal is not tagged with a specific banner for guests on the front-end (website and app).

Last Minute Deal

This promotion helps properties sell rooms that are not filled, and help combat last-minute cancellations. These deals are a simple discount applied to one rate type. Last Minute Deal is tagged with a specific banner on the front-end (website and app). A mock-up of how it looks on the website and mobile app is shown below.

Business bookers

This helps properties attract business travellers, who spend more and cancel less. They also  usually book on weekdays, when many properties aren’t at full capacity.

Country rates

Properties can set specific discounts for travellers from selected countries, allowing them to attract guests from the markets they’re looking to target.

Mobile rates

Offering special discounts to travellers using mobile devices helps your properties to attract more of these guests. Our research shows that mobile bookings increase by 26% when properties activate this discount. And 66% of mobile bookings come from millennials, so offering mobile rates can help properties target a younger audience.

Promotions driving business growth

How can promotions drive a property’s business growth?

  • Increase revenue by offering discounted rates. Customers initially attracted by the offer may end up booking non-discounted rates on other room or rate types.
  • Increase occupancy throughout the year including during low season. Offering promotions on low-occupancy dates can help properties increase their bookings. For example, Early Booker and Last Minute deals allow properties to manage their occupancy based on their business needs.
  • Attract guests that intend to stay longer. Adding a minimum Length of Stay requirement and offering discounts on longer stays helps properties attract customers who intend to stay longer. It also helps properties increase their occupancy and handle operations more efficiently.
  • Attract customers from new markets. Properties can choose specific channels to target customers from new markets. For example, they could limit the running time of a Basic Deal promotion to the timezones of the target market.
  • Stand out from the crowd. With a Basic Deal, the property will appear higher in the search results when customers choose to filter their results by price. Properties can reinforce the Basic Deal by making it a Secret Deal, which is promoted by
  • Reduce the number of cancellations. Our data shows that guests booking last minute are less likely to change their minds or cancel. Therefore, offering a Last Minute Deal helps properties attract customers that are less likely to cancel.

PMCs and vacation rentals can now create promotions for multiple properties faster and easier. 


If you compare the adoption rate of connected (XML) and non connected (non-XML) properties, you can see that among non-hotel accommodation, it’s the non connected properties that adopt more promotions.


Connectivity partners can now integrate the Promotions API with their existing solutions, like rate shopper, rate management, yield management or website builder, to create real-time promotions in line with properties’ occupancy and revenue needs.

Promotions adoption by property type

How does the Promotions API work?

Promotions API process

Benefits for your properties

  • Get more bookings. Deals appear in search results, so partners can attract more visitors to their page, which will bring more reservations.
  • Increase revenue. A lot of customers initially attracted by the offer often end up booking non-discounted rates for other room/rate types.
  • Fill rooms year round. Properties can increase occupancy by targeting dates where they need more bookings. Minimum length of stay deals help secure higher-value bookings.
  • Stay flexible. Early Bookers and Last Minute Deals allow properties to manage occupancy based on their business needs.
  • Target specific markets. Properties can choose specific channels to target new markets. With Basic Deals, they can time the promotion to fit the time zone of the target market.
  • Stand out from the competition. With Basic Deals, the property will appear higher in the search results when customers are sorting by price. Properties can reinforce the Basic Deal by making it a Secret Deal, which gets extra promotion by
  • Reduce cancellations. Around a third of all bookings on our platform are now made with a mobile device. 40% of all smartphone bookings are last-minute bookings, which have a low cancellation rate. With Last Minute Deals, properties can attract these customers.

Benefits for you

  • Expand your portfolio. A wide range of product features allow you to attract more properties.
  • Enjoy reduced hassle. Properties have more control over conditions like length of stay, non-refundable policies, promotion times, etc.
  • Track performance. Via the GetPromotionsAPI, you can view properties’ performance and share it with them.
  • Save time. A single API lets you manage promotions across multiple properties – perfect for PMCs and Holiday Rentals.
  • Integrate easily. The API can link to your existing rate and revenue management products, meaning you can control your promotions with ease.
  • Benefit from support.’s teams will help you with technical issues, and we’ll also support communication with your partners. We’re available 24 hours a day on weekdays.