Pricing Toolkit

Our partners make complex pricing decisions every day, with the ultimate goal of achieving better occupancy and increasing their revenue. With your help – and our new pricing framework – we can make it easier for them to choose rate plans and pricing opportunities 

Our pricing framework structures our pricing solutions in three categories – foundational, reactive and proactive. Whether you’re looking for ways to improve your properties’ long-term performance or fix a short-term occupancy gap, this framework can guide you in applying the right solutions.

Pricing foundations

You can help your properties set strong foundational rates and customisations by implementing the right APIs, but you can also provide them with straightforward advice about what works. For example, our data analysis shows that a combination of two base rate plans and at least one rate customisation can deliver the most effective foundation. Partners with both base rate plans and the Early Booker Deal experience on average a 5% increase in bookings, an 11% increase in visibility and a 9% reduction in cancellations.


Explore how you can attract the widest variety of travellers to your properties:

  • Base rate plans – Fully Flexible and Non-Refundable to reach wide audiences
  • Rate customisations - to target long-staying guests, early bookers, families with children, and pricing per guest

Explore how


    Pricing solutions portfolio

    We offer two types of solutions in our portfolio – proactive and reactive. Depending on your properties’ goals and needs, there are many options for them to choose from.



    Proactive Solutions 

    Proactive solutions support properties’ long-term revenue strategies by helping them appeal to specific markets and improving their visibility throughout the year: 

    • Genius programme
    • Preferred Partner and Preferred Plus Programmes 
    • Targeted rates like Country, Mobile and US State Rates
    • Ready-made campaigns like the Getaway Deal

    Reactive Solutions 

    Properties can introduce reactive solutions to boost bookings at specific moments, such as filling a room or unit after a last-minute cancellation. Our reactive solutions include:

    • Highly customisable Portfolio deals, like the Basic Deal and Last-Minute Deal 
    • Deep deals to capture demand spikes, such as a Limited-time Deal or Flash Deal

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