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Help your properties choose the right pricing solution


We’re here to help you and your properties grow on our platform with our pricing solutions portfolio. Our advice, including many options for setting up a strong pricing foundation, is designed to help you support partners on their journey to further optimise their businesses.

Our proactive solutions are designed to support properties’ long-term revenue growth. Our reactive solutions are more geared towards performance boosts, for example, by filling rooms or units when partners need it most. Whatever their goal, this portfolio is designed to help partners increase their bookings.

Plan ahead with proactive solutions

For ambitious, long-term revenue goals, we recommend partners looking ahead and implementing proactive solutions. This can be done by exploring both premium and targeted opportunities.


Premium opportunities

Our two most effective programmes are always-on and make your properties more visible to guests booking their next stay on our platform:


Genius gives eligible properties access to the most valuable group of travellers who book and spend more – and cancel less. It’s an effective marketing tool to boost your properties’ visibility in search results, increase their occupancy and drive incremental revenue.


Preferred Partner and Preferred Plus Programmes

The Preferred Partner Programme is available to only 30% of our partners per region. In exchange for an increased commission, these Preferred Partners receive a boost in search visibility and we display a ‘thumbs-up’ seal of approval on their property page. 


We also have a Preferred Plus Programme exclusively available for 10% of our Preferred Partners, offering an even greater search boost. These programmes help properties gain visibility and increase bookings, without any impact on their average daily rate.


Targeting Opportunities

Targeted rates

Help your properties attract particular groups of travellers:

  • Country Rates target those in a specific country or region
  • Mobile Rates attract travellers who book using our app or mobile website
  • US State Rates provide our US-based partners with demand targeting in any of the 50 states


Campaign deals

Seasonal campaign deals like the Getaway Deal – are offers that make the most of demand during specific periods. These ready-made deals are easy to adopt and can help properties drive occupancy in advance, while increasing their competitiveness on metasearch sites.


Reactive solutions when you need them

Reactive solutions can help your properties fill rooms or units they need to sell quickly. They take specific stay dates and room or unit restrictions into account, so partners can maximise bookings when and where they need them most.

Portfolio Deals

Here’s a list of the deals we offer on our platform:

  • Basic Deal – a fully customisable offer that can be tailored to each property
  • Early Booker Deal – encourages bookings from travellers planning early
  • Last-Minute Deal – attracts last-minute bookers
  • Secret Deal – rewards travellers who already have an account with us or have subscribed to our newsletter by offering them exclusive discounts

Deep Deals 

Deep Deals are higher discounts, available for specific and limited periods of time. They offer extra benefits to bring attention to properties, such as a ranking boost or extensive promotions.

  • Limited-time Deal – valid for 48 hours on specific days when a property wants a search ranking boost
  • Black Friday – one of our biggest annual sale events

Putting it all together

We’ve designed our pricing portfolio so properties always have the maximum flexibility to optimise and maximise their revenue strategy. Some targeted rates and promotions can be combined, allowing them to offer multiple discounts to eligible travellers.


You can help your properties take advantage of these pricing solutions – and for some solutions, even drive direct actionability from your platform. The chart below illustrates the key APIs you can use to help drive successful pricing outcomes for your properties.


Some solutions can be implemented by partners directly within your system using our Promotions API. You can also use the Opportunities API to increase reach of these solutions throughout your portfolio, which partners can then implement in the extranet.



Get started with Promotions API documentation

 Download the Opportunities API handbook


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