Pricing per guest

A strategic way to increase your properties’ bookings and revenue.


To have a greater chance of catering to guests’ needs, your properties should adapt to travellers’ demands. Among these demands is pricing per guest, where properties can set different prices for a room or unit based on the number of guests staying in it.


This pricing model allows properties to optimise their performance and visibility on our platform by catering to the demands of group and solo travellers – two high-value travel segments.


Discover pricing options

Give your customers more ways to reach potential guests

Build a customisable and competitive revenue management strategy.

We recently identified a segment of high-value travellers that benefit from pricing per guest. It includes groups and solo travellers. They represent a high proportion of demand on our platform.

By giving your properties the option to customise their pricing to suit these segments, you’re giving them the best chance of capturing rising demand.


Why offer pricing per guest


Increase property satisfaction 

Give your properties more ways to increase their bookings and revenue through a proven and in-demand solution

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Rank better in search results

Properties with pricing per guest are more visible to guests on our platform, as they match a broader search criteria


Gain a competitive advantage

Have your properties compete in specialised ways by offering tailored rates for different traveller types


Help properties get the most value out of rooms 

Open bigger, more expensive rooms up to a wider range of guests and help maximise occupancy

Maximise occupancy at your properties

Give your properties more control and help them meet their goals.



of travellers are searching for accommodation with a group of friends


rise in annual bookings secured by properties on our platform using this pricing model


of travellers intend to stay solo and are more likely to be budget-conscious


increase in annual revenue among properties as a result of pricing per guest

Scale your properties’ current pricing strategy

Choose from three pricing per guest models that allow you to offer additional customisations according to your properties’ needs.


Currently, most properties on our platform use a one-price-fits-all standard pricing model, regardless of how many guests are occupying a room. Pricing per guest enables properties to offer one of the following three pricing models:


  • Occupancy-based pricing – specify pricing per-night for every possible number of guests staying in a room
  • Length of stay-based pricing – set pricing per night, per occupancy and per length of stay
  • Derived pricing – specify a number of guests to lead with per night, then set up percentage or value-based rules to determine pricing for all other types of occupancy


Implementing pricing per guest

Pricing per guest is available via the Rates & Availability API (R&A). To offer it to your properties, you must first enable the R&A API and choose a preferred pricing per guest model. Then, your properties can start utilising this solution using the information found here. Take a look at our technical guide on implementing the R&A API.

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