Pricing Foundations

Help your properties build a strong foundation

We’ve always known that travellers want rates that are competitive, transparent and compelling. Making sure each potential guest is shown the right price at the right time is key to securing more bookings. It can also help reduce cancellations, minimise unsold rooms or units, help partners meet revenue or occupancy goals, and prevent the need for last-minute discounts.

A strong foundation is key to any successful pricing strategy. By building an integrated experience using our base rate plans and customisations, you can maximise your properties’ reach with travellers, increase their bookings and drive higher occupancy over time.

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Build a strong foundation with both base rate plans

We recommend giving partners an easy way for them to offer both base rate plans:


Fully Flexible

Offers the most freedom for travellers, with free cancellation at least seven days before check-in.


This is generally the most expensive rate plan on our platform. It’s also the most booked.




Can help partners secure more guaranteed bookings and revenue, but at a lower price.


This is a popular choice for bookings made less than one week in advance.


Why offer a combination?

It’s what travellers book most frequently

Travellers book Fully Flexible and Non-Refundable rates more than any others. These two offer extra clarity for travellers because they make it easy to compare prices and choose the best option.


Different preferences for different trips

Travellers book both of these rate plans, but it often depends on their needs per trip and how far in advance they can book. By offering both, your properties can make their rates compelling to a wide range of customers at all times.


More guests, more revenue

Partners who offer both rate plans see a higher share of bookings on average. Simply put, your properties could be missing out if they don’t offer both.


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Customise your rates and attract more travellers

In addition to the two base rate plans, it can be extremely useful for you to offer additional customisations to help your properties target specific types of travellers:

Long-staying guests

Weekly and Monthly Rate Plans increase a property's visibility to the growing number of travellers searching for stays of seven days or more.


Families with children

Setting competitive rates for children can lead to an increase in family bookings by an average of up to 15%.

Early bookers

The Early Booker Rate Plan attracts travellers who like to plan ahead. It can help secure more revenue in advance and reduce cancellations.

Groups and single travellers

Tailor your prices to the number of guests and increase bookings by up to 4% by setting pricing per guest.

Build a stronger pricing foundation for your properties

We recommend leveraging our APIs to enable your properties to set rates scalably, efficiently and reliably – from directly within your system. Although properties can always set up these customisations in the extranet, this can sometimes lead to syncing issues or inconsistencies. By integrating extensively with these two APIs, you’ll open up new possibilities and opportunities for your properties.


Using the Room and Rate Plan Management API: 

  • Create base rate plans with flexible policies
  • Create customised pricing structures for families with children in line with your properties’ pricing strategy, following guidelines in the handbook.
  • Create dedicated rate plans to target early bookers and long-stay guests
  • Update room-level occupancy details


Using the Property Management API (part of the Content API):

  • Create and manage up to three pricing rules for children of different ages


Using the Rates and Availability API

  • Set up prices with Availability Restrictions and add options for Long Stay Rates
  • Enable pricing per guest to attract groups and single travellers using our pricing models for the Rates and Availability API.
  • Create customised pricing structures for families with children in line with your properties’ pricing strategy, following guidelines in the handbook.
  • Use our Onboarding Tool to easily switch your properties to different pricing models. This can be especially helpful when switching multiple properties to pricing models you support and recommend. 

Explore the Room and Rate Plan Management API

Get started with the documentation

Set them up for success

Dive into these resources – and feel free to share them with your properties. They detail how our rate plans and pricing solutions can help partners strategically attract more guests:

  • Long-stay Rates – help them take advantage of the trend of increasingly longer stays
  • Setting up an Early Booker Rate Plan – when guests book early, your properties can lock in revenue and expect fewer cancellations
  • Rates for children – expand their ability to offer multiple child rates and target lucrative family travellers
  • Setting up pricing per guest – help them more effectively reach both solo travellers and groups by providing them a way to offer pricing per guest