Photo API

Boost your listings with photos that drive conversion.

Showcasing properties with the right photos can grab the attention of potential bookers and improve property performance – and the Photo API is the perfect tool to do just that.

Upload and modify multiple photos per property
Reorder photos in the listing’s galleries at property and room level
Tag photos to improve the Property Page Score

Upload and modify multiple photos per property

The Photo API provides property managers with a quick and efficient way to manage their images across platforms. They can upload and synchronise these at property and room level, straight from your system.


Reorder photos in the listing’s galleries at property and room level

Each property has one property-level gallery and one or more room-level galleries. Uploaded photos automatically appear in the property gallery on, but it’s possible to add them to multiple galleries – or to remove them altogether.

Your properties can also change the order photos appear in the galleries, as well as choose which one is used to promote a property when travellers search on our platform.



Tag photos for clearer guest expectations

The Photo API now supports all photo tags available in the extranet. This means your properties can accurately tag their photos and improve guest expectations from the moment they see a listing.


Smart Ordering

Smart Ordering uses machine learning to display photos in the best order possible, optimising the gallery experience for potential guests. If your properties prefer to choose the order of their photos, they can now opt out of Smart Ordering via our Photo API.


Benefits for you

  • Full control over property content. Adding and removing individual elements means less chance content will be lost.
  • Become a more attractive platform. Extensive and accurate photo management will make your system more appealing to new properties.
  • Improved technology. Entirely written in JSON. This lightweight data-interchange format makes implementation easier.

Benefits for your properties

  • More bookings. Easy bulk photo upload lets properties reach a 100% Property Page Score faster. This can increase bookings by up to 18%.
  • Control over photos. Properties can choose how their photos appear on
  • Ease of use. They can add, delete and change photos quickly and reliably.