Opportunities API

The Opportunities API retrieves the commercial advice we include in the extranet and displays it in your system, showing your properties actionable steps they can take to improve their performance and earn more revenue. 

You can use it to strategically drive preferred outcomes, filter and display Opportunities on contextual pages within your platform, and integrate the advice into your own marketing initiatives to help drive adoption of specific products.

Satisfying a demand for data-driven advice



Properties told us


Almost 80% of properties on Booking.com told us they want advice on where they’re lagging behind the competition and how they can grow their revenue by sharing what guests are looking for

What we did


We created a way to surface data-driven and personalised advice to help partners improve their performance



Properties connected to providers that implement the Opportunities API tend to act on this advice 2.5 times more often than properties that aren’t exposed to it

Four types of Opportunities

You have many options for integration with the Opportunities API, but it can help to group the possibilities into four broad categories:

opportunities api
  • Supply optimisations – measures availability and notifies properties when they may be missing out on guest searches for future book windows 
  • Demand-driven suggestions – combines search results and a partner’s competitive set to encourage properties to set up rates, deals or promotions around specific guest segments like families, business travellers or solo travellers 
  • Operational advice – recommendations based on similar property configurations and traveller insights that can ease the workload around managing payments, policies, reservations or content
  • Performance Programmes – invitations to join strategic partner programmes like Genius or the Preferred Partner Programme that show up when a property becomes eligible

How Opportunities help

We see significant performance improvements when partners take suggested actions:   

  • Visibility in search – Partners who updated their future rates and availability during the initial COVID-19 recovery period last year saw ~25% increase in visibility in guest searches 
  • Better conversion rates – ~11% of searches on our platform are for groups of 2+ adults. Partners who set a different price per occupancy see an increase in bookings of up to 4% per year.
  • Long-term revenue growth – On average, partners who joined Genius based on displayed Opportunities increased bookings by 18% and revenues by 17%



Put contextual, actionable advice in front of your customers

Alert your properties to gaps in their calendar by implementing date-level inventory Opportunities. These supply optimisations can be especially useful to drive action from properties that show no inventory or inventory blocked by excessive restrictions, helping them achieve a higher level of visibility in search. When properties see Opportunities and can act on them directly within your system, they resolve inventory inefficiencies almost 4X more frequently than other connected properties.


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The right advice in the right place


“Focus on delivering the right advice in the right place within your platform, so properties can act on it with minimal additional effort.”

Jay Mehta, AxisRooms


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