Online check-in API

Check-in is a good time for properties to make a great first impression. But there’s an even better time – before check-in. When you implement the Check-in API, you’ll institute a proven, streamlined process that collects all the information that properties need to set the best of expectations. It automates the process of collecting required details and provides instructions to guests in their own language. Help your properties succeed from their very first interaction with the Check-in API.


77% of properties communicate with guests about check-in details before they arrive


‘Check-in was simple’ and ’Check-in was fast’ are two of the top three reasons guests give when reporting satisfaction with a stay ‘Connected Stay’ research, April 2019


Offer a seamless guest check-in experience

  1. After a guest makes a reservation, we send an automated email inviting them to check in before arrival
  2. The guest follows an email link to and enters required information like passport or ID number
  3. Guest is notified of successful check-in by email and receives instructions in their language for picking up keys or accessing the property 
  4. Information appears in your system, where properties can view and manage guest check-in details
  5. Guest arrives with all the information they need to pick up a key or enter the property



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More time and efficiency for partners – and for you

By implementing the Check-in API, your properties can save time on check-in administrative work and focus on welcoming guests:

  • Check-in details and directions are automatically translated into 43 languages, making this a powerful value add 
  • Authenticated and encrypted so properties can confidently and securely collect personal or sensitive information
  • Properties can rely on a single source of truth for check-in details. It’s all available in your system without having to create a dedicated check-in flow yourself.
  • Get a first-mover advantage by being one of the first providers in your category to offer online check-in with this new lightweight API

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