Onboarding Solutions

This onboarding solution contains the set of APIs that are critical for both setting up  brand-new properties and managing existing properties in your software or through your service. This package is built for onboarding and provides functionality that goes beyond the Content API to provide functionality that can speed up the onboarding process and set properties up for better performance.

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The relevant APIs for onboarding

  • Content - The Content API offers full parity with all relevant features in the extranet that partners regularly use to manage their properties. Use it extensively to include the richest content possible, which increases the chances for properties to sell through the platform. 
  • Licenses - The Licenses API provides a scalable and comprehensive way for properties to stay compliant with local legal details by retrieving up-to-date regulatory requirements at the unit and property level. As soon as a new license requirement is introduced, it can be managed through this API.




  • Photos - Photos are key for boosting conversion for partners and the Photo API lets you upload and retrieve all photos, perform photo quality checks, reorder photos in a listing’s gallery, tag photos to improve guest expectations and upload 360-degree photos.
  • Contracts - This is a hybrid solution which includes the Contracting API as well as a separate Accommodation Partner Contracting feature to build properties directly with mandatory legal details. It gives you the ability to create and manage contracts and to choose to build properties first or contract a new partner first - depending on the level of control that suits your business.

Towards a more perfect onboarding experience

We encourage you to take advantage of these APIs to provide the richest content possible, which helps properties increase their chances to sell. Properties with a 100% Property Page Score get over 18% more bookings than properties with incomplete content.


If you’ve relied solely on the Content API for functionality in the past, we encourage you to plan for the future. Some aspects of the Content API have been migrated into individual APIs, which will provide a more powerful and scalable way to onboard new properties. For example, in the past you may have managed licenses for properties and rooms using the Content API, but now the Licenses API allows you to manage these details more efficiently and more comprehensively. 

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A bundle of APIs to benefit you and your properties

We want to make it easy for you to provide seamless onboarding for your properties with this bundle of Onboarding Solutions APIs: 

  • Fast, convenient, efficient - Quickly set up accommodation partners up to earn more with APIs that provide the same experience and benefits they get when they use the extranet - but automated in your system for convenience and efficiency. 
  • Better property performance - Help your properties display all of their beautiful photos while also helping them improve their Property Page Score with supported photo tags. 
  • Fewer errors, less support - In the past, potential blockers around licensing and contracting could lead to errors. By implementing this new bundle and all of its functionality, you should see a reduction in errors - and less inbound support on your side. 

Get started with the API documentation