Messaging API

Properties communicate with guests via email, the extranet or the Pulse app. It often depends on what is convenient for them at the time. No matter which route they choose to take when replying, their guests always expect a quick response.

Set your properties up for communication success by implementing the Messaging API directly into your product’s inbox. With all of their messaging located in one convenient place, your properties will be able to respond quickly and efficiently. This leads to better reviews and lower cancellation rates.

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Here’s how you benefit

  • Client satisfaction  –  we know from our research and your feedback that properties want to use their platform of choice to exchange messages with their guests
  • Easy integration - use simple, light and easy-to-integrate APIs that plug straight into your platform. Get up and running quickly with clear technical documentation and examples
  • Omnichannel inbox - do you support messaging channels from different OTAs? Add greater value to your omnichannel experience with access to guest messages
  • Exclusive benefits - get exclusive benefits including greater business exposure and priority support by earning points in the Connectivity Partner Programme

Here’s how properties benefit

  • Messaging on their platform of choice - properties can use their platform of choice to easily exchange messages with their guests
  • Happier guests, fewer cancellations  –  our data shows that when guests receive quick replies to their messages, it improves their satisfaction and they’re less likely to cancel
  • Omnichannel inbox  –  if your platform supports multiple messaging channels, properties can effectively manage their messages along with their other channels in one place

What can you do with this API?

•Send/receive free text messages between properties and guests

•Pull new messages and conversations on demand, as well as pull historical messages within a specific time range

•Upload, download and send image attachments

•Retrieve and set property-facing tags to set messages as ‘read’ or set conversation as ‘no reply needed’

Ready to integrate the Messaging API? When you do, you’ll expose your business to more clients and earn points in the Connectivity Partner Programme.

Get started with the API documentation Download API handbook

What Connectivity providers are saying

"’s Messaging API is a valuable addition to Beds24’s omnichannel inbox approach. With the Messaging API, Beds24 customers can quickly and effectively manage different communication methods with their guests, all from within Beds24. The enhanced guest experience this brings is greatly appreciated by our customers.The documentation is thorough and well written and all API functions do exactly what they should."


CEO & Founder, Beds24

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