Make your rooms more appealing to key travellers


Our research shows that many travellers want similar things: flexibility, personalisation, comfort and security. Understanding search patterns and customising a property’s offerings can help you meet these wants.


We've identified three rapidly growing traveller segments on our platform and designed a toolkit to maximise bookings. Share these insights with your properties to help them attract demand.


Tap into traveller preferences

The three rapidly growing traveller segments on our platform are families with children, long-stay guests and solo and group travellers. Because they represent a significant proportion of demand, catering to their preferences can help properties increase their bookings and revenue.


Within these segments, we uncovered that families and groups tend to spend more than couples while travelling.



Families with children

31% of summer searches on our platform are by families. They value security and comfort above all else.

long stay guest

Long-stay guests

In 2021, 25% of all room nights booked on our platform were for stays of seven nights or more. These guests want to feel at home while they’re away.

Make your rooms more appealing to travellers

Solo and group travellers

Our survey shows that 22% of travellers are searching for group stays, and 17% intend to travel solo this year. Offering more targeted prices will maximise your property's appeal to this segment.

Our toolkit

Based on the traveller types we identified, we designed a toolkit to help properties improve their performance on our platform and attract this rapidly growing segment. The toolkit gives information on how to differentiate and price a property's offerings by optimising its pricing, availability and content. When doing so, here are some things to consider:


  • They can increase their visibility in search results with optimised content and policies
  • They can appeal to a targeted range of travellers through strategic pricing

1. Enable policies and set up tailored rates


Attract the right guests by enabling your policies and making sure your max room occupancy is always up to date to show up in searches. Then, set up a tailored rate to encourage guests to book at your property.

Families with children

Set up competitive children rates to increase family bookings by an average of up to 15%. This lets you charge per room or set custom prices for particular age groups using percentage-based pricing.

Add children rates


Long-stay guests

Make the most of the demand for longer stays by setting up Weekly or Monthly Rate Plans. These help properties attract guests looking to stay for seven days or more


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Groups and solo travellers

Pricing per guest is one of the four price customisations we offer. It allows properties to potentially increase their bookings by up to 4% a year by adjusting the room or unit rate based on the number of guests staying in it. This helps increase overall occupancy.

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2. Continuously optimise your property page to meet diverse traveller needs

An impactful property page is a perfect blend of inspiration and information, capturing the attention of different types of travellers while answering their questions. Here are some insights on what key travellers using our platform want to see on your property page.

family playing on bed

Families with children

Essentials – safety, cleanliness, location and parking

Optional – privacy, entertainment and other family-friendly amenities

Deal-breakers – high prices and not being able to stay together


Our research shows that information about facilities and photos are the most important type of content for families.


man in meeting

Long-stay guests

Essentials – WiFi, natural light and air-conditioning

Optional – workspaces and a washing machine

Deal-breakers – noise and other disturbances


According to our research, pricing, location and practical information about a property are deciding factors for long-stay guests.

man sitting in greenery

Group and solo travellers

Essentials – location and privacy within the room or unit

Optional – en-suites, common areas and surroundings

Deal-breakers – poor room or unit configuration and high prices


Our research shows that group and solo travellers use photos to judge the size, cleanliness and configuration of a space.

Assess a property's content using these four criteria:

  • Accuracy – are the facilities indicated accurately? This ensures that potential guests know what a property offers.
  • Relevance – do the photos represent the property’s features? Relevant photos show guests what to expect and what they’re paying for.
  • Completeness – missing content creates doubt, which may cause potential guests to click away. Properties might also lose an opportunity to showcase an amenity that guests are looking for.
  • High-quality images – well-shot photos assure that a property looks just as good on a desktop or mobile as it does in real life.


The Property Page Score is useful for evaluating the content of a property page. See how a property scores using this API, and get suggestions for improvements. Properties with a 100% Property Page Score get up to 18% more bookings than properties with incomplete content.


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