Why are guest reviews so important for properties?

Enhance guest experience

Reviews are a reflection of how well properties are satisfying their guests’ needs. 

Enhance operations

They help identify areas of improvement that properties can act on.

Improve performance

According to our data*, properties with higher review scores perform better on Booking.com.


*Analysis done by Booking.com Data Science and Financial Planning and Analytics Team, July 2018

What can you do with the Guest Reviews API?

  1. Retrieve all reviews for a specific property
  2. Retrieve new reviews (from a specific date)
  3. Filter reviews with no response yet
  4. Retrieve specific reviews with all category scores
  5. Reply to guest reviews
  6. Retrieve reviews at a group level (e.g. multiple properties’ scores on the same page)
  7. Filter guest reviews based on Booking.com reservation ID
  8. Retrieve aggregated property review score
  9. Retrieve aggregated scores per category (e.g. ‘value for money’ category score)
Guest Reviews API explanation

Benefits for your properties

  • Get full access to their Booking.com guest reviews.
  • Get an overview of the current guest review score on Booking.com (including per-category scores).

  • Reply to guest reviews.

  • Get insights to improve service.

  • Increase bookings and conversion by boosting review score over time.


If they have multiple properties (e.g. chains, property management companies), you can also:

  • Show guest reviews for different properties on one page

  • Provide aggregated scores for the whole group

  • Allow replies to reviews for multiple properties from the same page

Benefits for you

  • ​​​​Give properties an overview of all their reviews
  • Enable properties to improve guest experience by replying to reviews

  • Help properties improve their service by showing them how they’re doing
  • Encourage properties to engage with your platform more frequently.