Accommodation Partner Contracting

The new Accommodation Partner Contracting Solution  gets your properties onboard faster by fully automating the contracting process for partners on your platform. This new solution cuts out extra steps - and human intervention - to speed up the contracting process. It gives you two products to choose from. You can now start with a contract-first approach or build your properties first. Whichever one you choose, you’ll save time and create a solid sign-up process.  

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Contracting made simple and efficient

  • Done in 30 seconds - we’ve fully automated the contracting process so partners can complete the contracting process on their own, without any external (human) dependencies
  • Full control - legal details can be entered directly from your system’s interface where the contracting process is initiated, while still giving partners full control to sign the required contract
  • More conversions, less support - this API has been improved to cut out unnecessary steps, helping you maximise the number of partners who complete the contracting process and minimise your inbound support

Choose between two flows 

We recommend you commit to one of these two processes before onboarding partners:


Contract firstIf you prefer to begin with a contract, use the Contracting API to send all necessary legal details about new accommodation partners who sign up through your system or platform. You’ll receive a mandatory Legal Entity ID, which your system can use to build multiple properties via the Content API. New partners will receive an email prompting them to sign their contract. Once they do, their open-bookable property can immediately go live. 


Build firstIf you prefer, you can choose to build your properties first. Simply toggle on the Accommodation Partner Contracting feature in the Connectivity Partner Portal to build properties that include mandatory legal details as per the feature description. New partners will receive an email to sign the contract - and the property can go live.


What’s possible with the Contracting API?

At a high level, the Contracting API enables you to:

  • Accept legal details from accommodation partner (AP), return a legal entity ID and send an email to AP with a link to the contracting tool
  • Check whether AP has signed a contract with
  • Resend email to AP with link to contracting tool
  • Retrieve basic legal details of AP: legal entity ID, contract signed status, and countries in which the AP has properties.
  • Add new countries to the contract and send an email to AP with a link to sign an addendum through the contracting tool

Get started with the API documentation Download API handbook


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