Content API - Property Management

Save time and boost property performance

Our data shows that properties with a 100% Property Page Score get up to 18% more bookings than properties with incomplete content.

The Content API makes it easy for you to add new properties with content that drives conversion. Providing rich, accurate content helps make sure guests have the best possible experience, expectations are set from the start and overbookings and complaints are avoided. Providing this content will also help your properties stand out and convert better on

Onboarding new properties is our priority

Whether or not your properties are already listed on, we want to help make the onboarding process as smooth as possible. We do this by prioritising properties that have the right content ready to be published.


These tools can help you make the onboarding process quicker and easier for your properties:


  • Licence Check This tool checks that new properties have any local licences they need.

  • Connection Status You can check the connection status of your new properties without needing to manually look for this in the Provider Portal.

  • Error Guide In our registration documentation, the HotelSummaryNotif call error guide page tells you what you still need to do before your new property can be registered.


We’re also always adding more features to make the process even easier.

Full Content Read

The Full Content Read lets you see all the property and room details you can set for your properties that are already listed on Here’s what this means for you:


  • Content Read lets you onboard properties faster and more easily – you don’t need to use a Property Management System or ask properties to register themselves

  • Properties don’t lose their Property Page Score while they’re being connected

  • You can see a property’s Legal Entity ID once it’s connected

Property Page Score

Properties with a 100% Property Page Score get up to 18% more bookings than properties with incomplete content.


To determine how we calculate the the Property Page Score, we analysed millions of property listings and the elements we know travellers value the most. The score takes into account things like specific photos and details of amenities and room sizes. It acts like a checklist for properties and shows them the percentage of their content that is valuable for attracting potential guests.


You can request the Property Page Scores for all your connected properties at once.


Content API - Room Amenities

Vacation Rental Essentials

If you already have access to the Content API, you can also use the Vacation Rental Essentials (VR Essentials) – a selection of APIs curated especially for Connectivity partners who work with vacation rentals.


These APIs are designed to increase the performance of your properties, and you can earn points in the Connectivity Partner Programme by implementing API features.


For more details, take a look at the VR Essentials solution page.

Here’s how your properties benefit:

  • Increased bookings Properties with a 100% content score get up to 18% more bookings than other properties.

  • More control Properties can make changes to room and property content using your platform.

  • Property Page Score protection Properties don’t lose their Property Page Score when they switch to your platform.

  • Performance tools for vacation rentals Industry-leading tools will help boost conversion for vacation rentals.

Here’s how you benefit:

  • Be the first choice for your properties Helping properties increase bookings and giving them more control will help make you their go-to platform.

  • Get new properties online faster Use the Licence Check and Connection Status tools to speed up your processes.

  • Understand and resolve errors The Error Guide provides detailed explanations of error messages and shows you how to resolve them.

  • Excel at vacation rentals Use the latest VR Essentials tools to increase the performance for vacation rentals.

What is the 'Independent Property Registration' product of the Content API?

You can use this product to register single properties to by enabling them to:

  1. Create and modify property skeleton on platform
  2. Create property policies
  3. Upload property contact details
  4. Set property location
  5. Upload property photos
  6. Set property name
  7. Set property facilities and amenities list
  8. Set property to be open and bookable on


Want to implement Property Registration? Get started


    What are the benefits of the Independent Property Registration of the Content API?

    For you:

    • Onboard properties to both and your own platform at the same time
    • Register open and bookable properties on in just a few clicks
      • Average onboarding time of properties is 48 hours (including weekends)
    • Enable properties to build and manage all their property content by themselves
    • Easy and actionable errors: should the property not meet minimum criteria, then errors explain what’s need to be adjusted
    • Correct up-to-date property content reflected on all OTAs you connect with

    For properties

    • Start working with both their Connectivity Partner and in one flow
    • Maximise their revenue
    • Be exposed to international guests on
    • Control their availability
      • Open and close their property whenever they want
    • Use many platforms at the same time without any risk
    • Be in charge of complete creation of their property profile on
      • Upload photos, create room types and rate plans