Content API

Add the right information to boost bookings

Our data shows that properties that have added all our recommended content get up to 18% more bookings than properties with incomplete content. Within the Content API we offer eight different products. You can choose which products make the most sense for your business to implement.

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Why is content so important?

Displaying the correct content helps you to set expectations and avoid overbookings and complaints. And this, in turn, helps ensure that guests have the best possible experience at your property. By having the richest content possible, you increase the chances of selling rooms on our platform

Content API - guest experience
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How do we approach content at

Using data from our platform, we determined which content is most relevant to guests when they’re making the decision to book a stay. Based on these findings, we created the Property Page Score – a checklist of all the most useful information that you can share about your property.

Properties with a 100% Property Page Score get up to 18% more bookings than properties with incomplete content.To find out more about why a high Property Page score is so important, check out this article.

What products do we offer in the Content API?

Content API products

Note: As we now offer a strong set of alternative, standalone APIs to better manage these property settings, we intend to deprecate its counterpart features in the Content API within the next 12 months. Please refer to the Onboarding Solutions for more information on which features are being deprecated and what the alternative solutions are. 

Benefits for your properties

  • More bookings – properties with a 100% content score get up to 18% more bookings than other properties
  • More control – properties can make changes to room-level and property-level content via your platform
  • Save time – rate plans, which are one of the most frequently updated pieces of content, can be changed by properties themselves

Benefits for you

  • Smoother processes – allowing properties to manage rate-level information on your platform will help them streamline their operations
  • Greater efficiency – you can manage rooms and rate plans for multiple properties at once
  • Stronger offering – increasing bookings and giving your properties more control will help establish you as their go-to platform