Connectivity Payment Solutions facilitates guest payments and payouts to properties either by Virtual Credit Card (VCC) or via Bank Transfer (BT). You can help your properties capture the granular payment data of these payments and use it to streamline their operations by taking advantage of these three related features of the Reservations API, all of which can be toggled on from the Provider Portal.

Payments Clarity Package (vcc_payment_v2)


A VCC charge can fail for many reasons, but you can eliminate guesswork for properties by implementing the Payments Clarity Package. When you turn it on, connected properties can reduce their VCC charge failures by up to 65%, which means more clarity for them – and more money in the bank. It provides detailed information about a payment:  

  • Current VCC card balance 
  • VCC Card activation date 
  • VCC Card expiration date 
  • Price details (taxes + charges)

Turn it on Download the  handbook

Get extra information for reservations (res_extra_info)


Go beyond the essentials and provide properties with extra info that tells them more about a reservation and payment: 


  • Indicate which reservations are facilitated by and which payout method is being used – VCC or BT
  • Highlight Genius bookers and identify freebies they qualify for like welcome drinks or late check-out
  • Identify business bookers, along with their company’s name and any important tax details

Turn it on

payment solutions
Siteminder shows properties the payment information they need to make informed decisions.

Payment charges (res_payment_charges)


If your properties use automated accounting systems to process reservations, this option is tailor-made for them. Created specifically to facilitate Bank Transfer payouts, turning this feature on can help your properties incorporate payment charge data (including the amount, currency and number of decimal places) into their systems. Like all of three of these features, it is machine readable so you can integrate it into an accounting system. 

Turn it on

All three help partners get paid

We know from looking at our own data that properties using these features create fewer inbound service requests. But they can also be a great way to further automate the service you provide and enhance your properties’ efficiency. Ultimately, implementing these three options should result in a smooth payment experience for properties, a better guest experience, and higher confidence for properties around getting paid. 


Get started with your implementation plan by downloading the Payments Clarity Package handbook.

Download the  handbook