Connectivity Onboarding Solutions

Are you adding new properties to or connecting existing properties to your platform? Either way, these solutions can help save you time and boost your properties’ performance.

Quick Connect simplified onboarding process for properties requesting a new connectivity provider connection via the extranet
Quick Switch change connectivity providers without any connection downtime
Onboard new properties to via the Content API - Property Management - collection of tools that make it easy for you to add new properties with content that drives conversion
Bulk Connections – quickly connect multiple properties and property management companies to your platform, or allow them to switch Connectivity providers

Quick Connect

Properties currently have to complete a five-step process in the extranet before they can start working with a Connectivity provider like you. You’ve told us that some parts of the process are redundant and create longer onboarding times and delays in connection. Quick Connect is a series of improvements aimed at cutting out unnecessary extra steps so that you can connect properties faster.

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  • Phase 1: Property Auto-Connect Properties will have the choice of skipping the ‘Property Confirmation’ step and connecting to you automatically. You’ll only need to confirm that you’re ready for their connection to be activated. This will be the default option, but properties will still be able to choose to manually confirm the connection via the extranet.
  • Phase 2: Removing the ‘XML Agreement’ step Instead of being a step in itself, the XML Agreement will be added as a checkbox in the ‘Select Provider’ step. Properties will no longer need to fill in unnecessary additional details.
  • Phase 3: Simplifying the ‘Provider Confirmation’ step At the moment, you can only manage and approve connection requests from the Connectivity Partner Portal. Towards the end of 2020, we’ll be exploring ways to make this process simpler and more efficient.

Quick Switch

Quick Switch allows properties to change connectivity providers without any connection downtime. Previously, properties had to deactivate their existing provider connection before their new provider could start the configuration with In many cases, property listings had to be closed to prevent overbooking or distribution issues. Our data shows that this process resulted in over 30 hours of connection downtime every time a property switched providers.

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Quick Switch solves this problem by enabling:

  • Access to mapping calls – the new provider sets the property up through read-only calls.
  • Continuous connection – properties maintain their current provider connection until the new provider setup is finished.
  • Faster onboarding – providers and properties enjoy a more efficient onboarding process.

Property management using the Content API

The Content API allows your properties to update all the information they display on directly via your interface, rather than manually in the extranet. Using this API, you can also onboard new properties faster and more easily. The content your properties provide engages guests, manages their expectations and ultimately drives conversion.

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The Content API improves the onboarding process with:

  • Onboarding tools – these prioritise properties that have the right content ready to be published, making sure they go live first.
  • Full Content Read – this lets you see all the property and room details you can set for properties that are already on You don’t need a property management system and properties don’t need to register themselves – so you can onboard them faster.
  • Property Page Score – you can request the Property Page Score for all your connected properties at once. Properties with a 100% Property Page Score get up to 18% more bookings than properties with incomplete content.



Bulk Connections

Bulk Connections makes it easier than ever for multi-property partners and property management companies to request a new connection or to switch to a new Connectivity provider.

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All they need is access to the group extranet to be able to:

  • Quickly connect multiple properties to a new Connectivity provider multi-property partners and property management companies can use the ‘Bulk Editing’ tab in the group extranet to connect all their properties to a new Connectivity provider at the same time.
  • Switch to a new Connectivity provider without taking properties offline – just like Quick Switch, Bulk Connections keeps existing connections active while giving the new Connectivity provider read-only access for mapping purposes. This means properties don’t need to disconnect and close their listings when switching.
  • Complete the connection or switch without needing to contact us – multi-property partners can request a new connection or switch to a new Connectivity provider right from the group extranet. That means they don’t have to spend time contacting our support team.

Nothing else has changed about how you onboard your properties. You still need to confirm each connection request via the Partner Portal, but multi-property partners and property management companies no longer need to approve this again afterwards.

Download the Bulk Connections guide