Connection Solutions

Onboard single or multiple properties more quickly and easily than ever

Connecting new properties from to your platform doesn’t need to take a lot of time. Our Connection Solutions make it quick and easy for properties to connect or switch to your platform, and for you to connect multiple properties at once.

Quick Connect

Quick Connect simplifies the extranet’s five-step connection process, enabling you to connect properties faster through these features:

  • Property Auto-Connect – this allows properties to skip the ‘Property Confirmation’ step and automatically connect to your platform – the connection is activated once you confirm that you’re ready, and remains the default option
  • Removal of the XML Agreement Step – when selecting a Connectivity provider, properties can tick this checkbox to skip an additional step in the connection process

Download the Quick Connect Guide

Quick Switch

Quick Switch lets properties change Connectivity providers without any connection downtime, avoiding overbooking or distribution issues. Quick Switch enables:

  • Access to mapping calls – new Connectivity providers can set a property up through read-only calls while the request is pending
  • Uninterrupted connection – properties maintain their current provider connection until the new provider setup is complete

For more details, visit the Content API - Property Management solutions page.

Download the Quick Switch Guide Visit the Content API - Property Management

Bulk Connections

Bulk Connections makes it easier than ever for multi-property partners and property management companies to request a new connection or to switch to a new Connectivity provider. With Bulk Connections, multi-property partners can:


  • Quickly connect multiple properties to a new provider use the ‘Bulk Editing’ tab in the group extranet to connect all their properties to a new Connectivity provider at the same time.
  • Switch to a new provider without taking properties offline – similar to Quick Switch, this keeps existing connections active while giving the new Connectivity provider read-only access for mapping purposes.
  • Complete the connection or switch providers themselves request a new connection or switch to a new Connectivity provider directly in the group extranet.


You still need to confirm each connection request via the Partner Portal, but multi-property partners and property management companies don’t need to approve this again afterwards.


Download the Bulk Connections guide