Card validation for non-prepaid reservations

Validate credit cards for non-prepaid reservations more securely and efficiently.


We think that the credit card validation process should be as smooth as possible. Our latest solution removes the need for properties to comply with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements when guests choose flexible no-prepayment rates. For your customers, this means a lighter workload and zero manual validations and charges.

An easier and safer way to collect on non-prepaid reservations


When partners charge guests directly for reservations, they’ll still arrive as usual via XML to your platform – however, no credit card details will be shared. Instead, we’ll validate the credit card details for these reservations.


To ensure the reservations go through, you or your customers need to switch off any functionality in your platform that automatically validates credit cards. If your platform only accepts reservations with credit card details, we’ll enable a virtual, dummy, non-chargeable credit card to make sure your properties can receive the reservation.



How it works for connected properties


This payment solution addresses the following three areas:



Validation: When a guest books a reservation, we’ll securely store their credit card details and perform the required validation checks. If a guest has an invalid card, we’ll either ask them to replace it or we’ll inform the property so they can cancel and resell that inventory.  


Charging guests: Properties will still be able to charge the vast majority of non-prepaid reservations in person, in line with their own processes. We’ll charge guests for no-shows and late cancellations.


Payout: Once we successfully collect these fees, we’ll pay properties by their preferred payout method. We’ll automatically waive any commission for fees that can’t be collected. If a guest disputes a no-show or late cancellation fee, we’ll take complete liability for any chargebacks. Properties will face no impact.

Ready for our partners in select regions


Currently, the card validation for non-prepaid reservations is only available for properties in the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland and the UK. This is because this solution is part of our upgraded payments platform and policy environment, which only certain regions are a part of.



A practical solution with no extra cost 


This easy-to-use solution comes at no extra cost to you or your properties. Depending on your system’s configuration, we’ll set up a dummy credit card to allow these types of reservations to come through. The only thing you need to do is to disable any automated credit card checks you may have in place for these reservations.


Once this solution is available to your properties, we’ll inform them by email. Help your properties get familiar with credit card validation and fee collection by sharing these resources with them: