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Licences API
Your single solution to making sure your properties are compliant with local licence requirements to go live on as quickly as possible.
See all your local licence requirements on a unit or property level.
Submit and verify your licence information directly through the API.
Stay on top of keeping your properties compliant, thanks to updated regional licence requirements.
Outage Alerts
Our automated email alerts notify you when we detect that your system may be experiencing a delay or technical outage, helping you resume business as quickly as possible.
Receive advice, support contact details and information about your outages immediately.
Resolve your system outages quicker than ever.
Reduce your reservation failures and the number of fallback emails your properties receive.
Property Scores API
The Property Scores API provides insights about the quality of property listings on – and how to improve them even more.
Four scores that allow you to assess the quality of your properties’ listings
Help improve properties’ listings using a breakdown of areas to focus on
Brings together the Property Page Score, Quality Rating, Reply Score and Guest Review Score
quick connect
Our three Connectivity Onboarding Solutions can help save you time and boost your properties’ performance.
Quick Connect simplifies the onboarding process via the extranet
Quick Switch allows properties to switch providers without connection downtime
Bulk Connections allows accommodation partners to request a connection or switch Connectivity providers for multiple properties at the same time.
Photo API
Manage photos easily and boost conversion with the Photo API
Upload and modify multiple photos per property
Reorder photos in the listing’s galleries at property and room level
Tag photos to improve the Property Page Score
Guest Reviews
Gives property owners an overview of what guests are saying about their property.
Retrieve and view guest reviews
Filter reviews with no replies
Reply to guest reviews
Teaser Room and Rates
Enable properties to manage rooms and rate plans seamlessly from your system.
Provide your properties with essential room and rate plan functions, without heavy development work.
Improve property performance by reducing errors and workload.
Encourage engagement with your product.
VR essentials
Tools created specifically to increase the performance of vacation rental properties
Use a growing selection of APIs tailored to the needs of vacation rentals
Increase performance with tools designed to help property managers
Earn points in the Connectivity Partner Programme by implementing APIs
Content Read
Get your properties connected and help them stand out on
Easily add new properties to
Increase property performance with content that helps drive bookings
Update property pages and room descriptions with photos, facilities and policies
Opportunities API
Lets you retrieve and manage opportunities for properties and display them directly in your system.
Highlight improvement areas customised to your properties' needs
Action opportunities in quick, easy steps and within your interface
Help increase property performance
Content API
Allows properties to manage their property page via your platform.
Create and update properties and content, including photos, facilities, and policies
Add rooms and rates to a property, and combine them into products
Open and close properties
Allows you to create, update and view performance of your property’s promotions on your interface.
Create Basic, Last Minute and Early Booker Deals
Set up rates for business travellers
Set up rates for particular nationalities
Allows properties to report reservations updates to, without the need to make changes on the extranet.
Report no-shows
Report or cancel a reservation made with an invalid credit card
Update check-out dates and prices
Guest Reviews API
Gives property owners an overview of what guests are saying about their property.
Retrieve and filter guest reviews
Reply to guest reviews
Retrieve aggregated property review score