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We encourage you to use your own marketing channels and sales teams to advise your properties on your Connectivity solutions to help improve property performance.

We're offering:

Partner Hub page. Covering product advice and most common questions.
Email copy. Introducing your adopted solution to properties.
Presentation decks. To be used for (digital) events. On request only.
If you'd like to gain access to our presentation decks, or if you feel relevant content is missing.

Email copy

Subject line: Improve your property page content – and increase your bookings

Body: We’re living in the age of online distraction. We have more info at our fingertips than ever before, yet there’s also more competition for our time and attention. If you get your content right, you’ll really stand out from the crowd. Your content is kind of like one of those store window displays that encourage passers-by to go inside and buy something. Your property page does the same for potential guests – it tells your story, showcases your best side, and persuades them that you’re worth staying with. By following's content tips, you can be confident that you’re setting the right expectations for guests. This in turn makes for happy stays, awesome reviews, and bookings from new guests.

CTA: Improve your content

Learn more about property page content

Guest Reviews

Email copy

Subject line: Attract potential guests to book your property by managing your Guest Reviews


Guest reviews play a crucial role for both travellers and property owners.

  • For travellers searching for accommodations, reviews are an independent source of information. They offer insights into previous guests' experiences at your property and showcase its best features – influencing potential guests to book.
  • For property owners, reviews are a valuable source of feedback that can help you improve future guest experiences.

You now have the opportunity to reply to reviews in our interface. Responses you make are displayed on your page, right below the review. Replying to reviews lets you interact with guests in a positive way and appeal to new customers.

The feature helps provide balance, letting you express your viewpoint. This not only benefits you but also all visitors.

CTA: Manage your Guest Reviews

Learn more about Guest Reviews


Email body

Subject line: Be aware of any short-term rental regulations that affect your city, region or country

Body: works closely with municipalities around the world to ensure the cities our partners are based in remain thriving destinations. In some high-demand cities, new legislation has come into force to protect both residents and guests, and to help prevent illegal holiday rentals.

Before listing your property on, it’s important to be aware of any short-term rental regulations that affect your city, region or country. Many governments and municipalities now require property owners to hold and/or display a special permit or licence if they wish to list their place for short-term holiday rental. In some cases, local authorities can limit bookings to a maximum number of nights. In other cases, a limit on guest occupancy may be enforced.

CTA: Review your local laws and regulations

Learn more about local laws and regulations


Email copy

Subject line: Identify ways to improve your property's performance and your guests' experiences

Body: Opportunities are tailored to your property. You can take action on them in quick, easy steps. You're always in control of what features are activated and when. The Opportunities feature helps you identify ways to improve your property's performance and your guests' experiences. It lets you add products, info, and deals that we know can help increase your bookings and revenue.

CTA: Explore your opportunities

Learn more about Opportunities


Email copy

Subject line: Improve your online guests' experience by managing the photos of your property


If you want to add, update, or replace photos in your property’s photo gallery, just log on to our interface, where you can now upload, remove, and rearrange photos.

Property photography plays an important role in helping guests choose a place to stay. To make the most of your photos, you must respect the guidelines and leverage their best practices where possible.

Some tips to keep in mind when you’re adding photos:

  • Photos have to be uploaded in .jpg or .png format.
  • The higher the photo resolution, the better. The minimum recommended size for uploading is 1280 x 900 (1.15 Megapixels).
  • research shows that certain photos are more popular with guests. Depending on your property type, you might be prompted to add these photos and tag them with a category like swimming pool, restaurant, breakfast, etc.

CTA: Get started

Learn more about Photos


Email copy

Subject line: Boost bookings with Campaigns, Deals and Targeted Rates


Whether you’re trying to sell rooms at the last minute, boost revenue during a quiet period or target valuable bookers in high-growth markets, you’ll find a wide range of promotions designed to attract guests on They are easy to set up, can be activated or deactivated whenever you want, and are a great way of filling rooms and bringing in more revenue. You’ll find three types of offers: Campaigns, Deals and Targeted Rates.

CTA: View all promotions

Learn more about promotions

Property Scores

The Property Scores API brings together the Property Page Score, Quality Rating, Reply Score and Guest Review Score.

Property Scores: Property Page Score

Email copy

Subject line: Attract more guests by improving your Property Page Score

Body: We’re living in the age of online distraction. We have more info at our fingertips than ever before, yet there’s also more competition for our time and attention. If you get your content right, you’ll really stand out from the crowd.

Your content is kind of like one of those store window displays that encourage passers-by to go inside and buy something. Your property page does the same for potential guests – it tells your story, showcases your best side, and persuades them that you’re worth staying with.

To help you manage your content and keep it up to date, created the “Property Page Score”. It acts as a checklist to make sure you’re showing the kind of content and info we know guests find useful when they’re deciding to book.

It covers everything from the photos you’re displaying to the type of breakfast you serve, the languages spoken by your staff, and the facilities guests can access, either at your property or in the surrounding area.

By following the content tips, you can be confident that you’re setting the right expectations for guests. This in turn makes for happy stays, awesome reviews, and bookings from new guests. In fact, properties with a 100% property page score get up to 18% more bookings than properties with incomplete content.

CTA: Check and update your property page content

Learn more about Property Page Score

Property Scores: Quality Rating

Email copy

Subject line: Increase your visibility by improving your Quality Rating

Body: In 2019, introduced a quality rating system for homes and apartments that are listed on their platform. This system is similar to the star system that already exists for hotels.

Before the quality rating was introduced, guests were not able to search for homes and apartments by stars on This system is designed to help guests easily find properties that match their requirements.

The quality ratings are based on an algorithm which takes into account factors such as the completeness of property information, cleanliness review scores, and more. For partners looking to achieve an accurate and positive rating, recommends that they make sure that:

  • All facilities and amenities are correctly configured for all available units.
  • All unit sizes and bed configurations are correctly configured for all available units.
  • also recommends that when filling in this information, partners should reflect the reality of their property as accurately as possible.

CTA: Check your Quality Rating

Learn more about Quality Rating

Property Scores: Reply Score

Email copy

Subject line: Improve your guests' experience by improving your Reply Score

Body: Research shows that guests really appreciate quick replies to their requests and messages. To help you make sure you’re replying to guests in a timely manner, displays a “Reply Score”. By answering guests as soon as you can, you’ll improve your Reply Score as well as guests’ overall experience. We’ve also seen that partners with high scores tend to have lower cancellation rates and higher review scores.

CTA: Check your Reply Score

Learn more about Reply Score

Property Scores: Guest Reviews Score

Email copy

Subject line: Help more travellers decide to book your property by improving your Guest Review Score

Body: Guest reviews are one of the most important aspects of your property information for people visiting The system of verified traveller reviews provides credible information that helps people make booking decisions. 

How does it work? Once a guest checks out, sends them an email asking them to review their stay with you. They have 90 days to do this. Guests are required to give the property an overall score out of 10 as part of their review. When you’ve received at least three reviews, displays a Guest Review Score for your property that is the average of these overall scores.

We also ask guests a series of optional questions, but their responses to these don’t count towards your Guest Review Score. 

CTA: Check your Guest Review Score

Learn more about Guest Review Score

Rate Plans

Email copy

Subject line: Appeal to more travellers with a variety of Rate Plans


What makes travellers choose to book with you? Convenience and choice are important, but our research shows that flexibility and a great price matter most – now more than ever. And while some travellers plan ahead to save money, some book last-minute and others will pay more for added flexibility in case their plans change.

Our data shows that, on average, partners combining three Rate Plans achieve:

  • 5% increase in bookings
  • 11% increase in visibility
  • 9% reduction in cancellations

Setting up your Rate Plans is the first step towards a strong pricing foundation that caters to these different needs. Offering a mix of Rate Plans can help you attract a wide variety of travellers and make the most of demand.

CTA: Add Rate Plans

Learn more about Rate Plans


The Reporting API allows properties to report a date modification, guest misconduct, invalid credit card and no shows or cancellations.

Reporting Date Modification

Email copy

Subject line: Change reservation dates or request reservation date changes.


Depending on the reservation, you now have the option of either changing reservation dates or requesting reservation date changes.

If you have discussed a date change with the guest and would like to initiate a date modification request, you can do so for all reservations in our interface.

CTA: Change reservation dates

Learn more about reporting date modification

Reporting Guest Misconduct

Email copy

Subject line: Report guest misconduct to and block the guest from booking your property again


It’s rare that partners have major issues with guests. However, if something serious happens is here to support you.

You can report guest misconduct and block the guest in question from booking your property on again.

If you have multiple properties listed on and you block a guest due to misconduct at one property, they'll also be blocked from all the others. 

Important: Only use this feature if the guest’s misconduct matches one of the 7 scenarios provided in the report tool. If the guest was simply a no-show, follow the "Mark As a No-show" procedure. If the guest’s credit card is invalid, follow the "Mark Credit Card as Invalid" procedure.

Guest misconduct can be reported up to 7 days after check-out. Reports can't be made about current guest reservations for future stays.

CTA: Report guest misconduct

Learn more about reporting guest misconduct

Reporting Invalid Credit Card

Email copy

Subject line: Report an invalid credit card for a guest


Reporting an invalid credit card is especially useful for non-refundable reservations because it ensures that knows you were unable to collect payment. For non-refundable reservations, you can mark a credit card as invalid before the arrival date, and up until the monthly commission invoice is generated.

Cancelling guest bookings in the case of invalid credit cards:

  • If you don’t receive updated credit card details within 24 hours, or the guest provides invalid credit card details again, you can cancel the booking. You can also cancel bookings until 3 pm (local time) on the day of arrival.
  • For bookings made within 48 hours of check-in, if the card is invalid, the customer will have 12 hours (or until 3 pm, whichever is earlier) to update these details (instead of the usual 24 hours).
  • The customer is always given at least 2 hours to update these details, i.e. if the booking is made after 2 pm on the day of arrival.
  • For last-minute bookings of 10 or more room nights, partners can cancel two hours after marking the credit as invalid.

CTA: Report an invalid credit card 

Learn more about reporting invalid credit card

Reporting No Shows or Cancellations

Email copy

Subject line: Report guests no-shows or cancellations for a guest


If a guest doesn’t arrive for their booking and you choose to waive the fee, it’s important to mark the reservation as a no-show so that you don’t pay commission. 

How to keep track of no-shows and cancellations

Even after a booking has been cancelled, it remains in the system and can’t be deleted. It’s useful to keep a record of this information, and to monitor the number of stayed and cancelled bookings you’re receiving. This will give you an overview of your property’s performance and show where you can improve.

CTA: Report a no show or cancellation

Learn more about reporting no shows or cancellations

Vacation Rental Essentials

Our Vacation Rental Essentials consist of multiple features, such as key collection and host profiles.

Vacation Rental Essentials: Key Collection

Email copy

Subject line: Set up the key collection feature

Body: We know from research that confusion about key collection is one of the most common complaints concerning check-in, from both guests and properties alike.

You can avoid such issues, and put your mind at ease, by using the ‘Key collection’ feature now available in our interface.

This way, you can let guests know how they can pick up your keys, and whether your keys are collected on site or at a different address. And if the location is hard to explain, you can also include photographs for extra clarity.

We realise this information is sensitive, so we guarantee anything you upload will be stored securely and shared only with your guests.

CTA: Set up the key collection feature

Learn more about key collection

Vacation Rental Essentials: Host profiles

Email copy

Subject line: Write your own property description for guests


Did you know that you can add your own description and profile picture to your property page? You’re the expert about what makes your place special, and you’re invited to use your host profile to give guests all the details.

Benefits of creating a host profile:

  • Establish trust. You can share information about your property, the neighbourhood and yourself/your property management company.
  • Stand out. Partners who have added a profile picture and description have increased their likelihood of becoming a Preferred Partner and receiving more bookings.
  • Manage guests' expectations. Professional or fun, tell guests what to expect to avoid surprises during their stay at your place. Ready to get guests excited about your property?

CTA: Create your host profile

Learn more about Host Profiles