Find success beyond summer with our API solutions

Go further as summer draws to a close by growing your bookings and revenue with our new and updated API solutions. We’re helping you save time on operations, attract high-value guests and offer in-demand actions to increase your properties’ performance. Check out our all-new success story on streamlining the onboarding process.

We’re working to provide you continuous support in the months ahead by offering new resources, solutions and product updates.

These will help you:

  • Plan and prioritise – deliver the best value to your properties with new and upgraded API solutions
  • Grow, onboard and switch new properties – find out how D-EDGE uses QuickConnect 2.0 to reduce onboarding time by up to 28%
  • Improve your properties’ performance – take action using sought-after pricing models and data-backed strategies to make your properties stand out
  • Get information and support – we’re changing our Connectivity Advisory Board to have more focused industry-related discussions

Plan and prioritise


What's new in our platform and product roadmap

We recently introduced and updated seven API solutions to help you improve your operations, grow revenue and enhance the guest experience. Read what’s new and when the solutions will be launched in our latest 2022 Connectivity product roadmap updates.

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Grow, onboard and switch new properties


How D-EDGE optimises onboarding with QuickConnect 2.0

Since implementing QuickConnect 2.0, D-EDGE has seen a 28% decrease in onboarding time. Discover how this non-API solution improves the onboarding experience, making it simpler for properties to connect to their preferred connectivity provider and share availability on our platform.

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Go from onboarding to first booking in less time

Help Home properties onboard smoothly and quickly get their first booking. Discover which actions have the biggest impact on the time it takes for properties to get their first reservation. It’s the best advice to set your properties up for success – now and in the future.

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Improve your customer performance


Attract more guests with flexible children rates 

With flexible children rates your properties can set up more nuanced pricing for children, using criteria such as age band, per room or unit and Rate Plan, per-child rates and percentage-based rates. This pricing model affords properties the freedom to define rates and attract families of all sizes. Discover flexible children rates and more of our pricing optionS.

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Grow your revenue with pricing per guest

Pricing per guest is an in-demand pricing model that allows properties to set prices based on a room or unit’s occupancy. It helps attract high-value traveller segments, making your properties stand out from the competition on our platform. Learn more about how this pricing strategy can bring in more bookings and improve your revenue.

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A better way of displaying your properties’ photos

Using our new Photo API feature – Smart Ordering – properties can now optimise the order in which their gallery images are displayed to travellers. This photo gallery feature is determined by our proprietary machine learning algorithm. When enabled, travellers see the property's photos in the best order possible, helping increase engagement and conversion.

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Get only the data you need with the new online check-in form

With the newly added endpoint to our Online Check-in API, providers can now customise the online check-in form at a property and region level. This means only the most relevant guest information is collected, eliminating unnecessary data and speeding up the check-in process. Learn more about how you can have greater control and flexibility over guest data collection.

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Get information and support



Announcing the new Connectivity Board Members

As our industry evolves, so do our business needs. That’s why we’re shifting the focus of our Connectivity Advisory Board set up from specific segments such as core and vacation rentals to discussing our mutual opportunities in the commercial and tech space. Learn more about what’s changing and meet our 2022-2024 board members.

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