Introducing the Connectivity Advisory Board for homes and apartments 2019-2020

Meet the members of the new Connectivity Advisory Board for homes and apartments, and hear what they discussed during their first meeting at our annual Click. event in Amsterdam.

Home Advisory Board


In 2018, we launched the first-ever Connectivity Advisory Board with eight valued partners and various Connectivity representatives. Through numerous productive discussions, the board provided great insights that helped optimise our product roadmap and the Connectivity Partner Programme. 

But because hotels, homes and apartments have different priorities, we’ve decided that each segment would benefit from having their own dedicated board. So from 2019-2020 onwards, we’ll convene two separate boards: the Connectivity Advisory Board for homes and apartments, and the Connectivity Advisory Board for hotels.

Meet the members of the Connectivity Advisory Board for homes and apartments:

  • Alex Aydin, CEO at BookingPal
  • Sebastien Leitner, Director of Global Partnerships at Cloudbeds
  • Jill Walker, Director of Distribution at Eviivo
  • Sebastien Grosjean, CEO BookingSync
  • Alice Yeh, Account Strategy & Business Development Manager at Sonder
  • Eric White, CTO at Eviivo
  • Scott Breon, Chief Analytics Officer at Vacasa
  • Joel Inman, CEO at Lexicon 
  • James Burrows, CEO at Rentals United
  • Henrik Kjellberg, CEO at Awaze (not pictured above) 

The board aims to represent the whole homes and apartments (short term rentals) Connectivity partner ecosystem, and will discuss the matters that impact your business most.


During the board’s meeting at Click. 2019, we talked about integrating Connectivity solutions (APIs) into partners’ own software solutions, and brainstormed ways to  further optimise the Connectivity Partner Programme.

Want to help shape the board’s focus?

You can help define the board’s agenda and future discussions by letting us know what topic matters most to you. 

Suggest an agenda topic by sending an email to