Introducing the 2021 Partner Programme

    Our Connectivity Partner Programme (CPP) is the foundation of our partnership. We’ve designed the programme to help strengthen our collaboration, grow our businesses together and create more value for our mutual properties.

    As a result of your feedback, the 2021 Partner Programme will be:

    Simpler: new quarterly programme structure
    More rewarding: new and relevant benefits for your business
    Easier to action: fewer programme metrics and requirements

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    Key changes between 2020 and 2021

    • 2020 Partner Programme extended to 31 March 2021. Due to the continued disruption caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, the current Partner Programme will now end on 31 March 2021 (instead of 31 December 2020). You can use this time to continue earning programme points.
    • New Connectivity partner agreement. Our current agreement is more than five years old, so we’ve designed the new one with our partnership in mind, rather than just a one-sided agreement you make with us. Make sure your company has signed the new DocuSign partner agreement before April 1.

    Simpler: new quarterly programme structure

    We’re introducing a new quarterly structure to all our programme pillars. This means that at the end of each quarter you’ll earn points for all the activities you've worked on. We’ll calculate your end-of-year score using the total number of points you earn across the whole programme and during all four quarters.

    More rewarding: new and relevant benefits for your business

    We’re adding  additional benefits to the Connectivity Partner Programme to help grow your business and strengthen our partnership.

    What we’ve done in 2020

    At the beginning of 2020, we organised Elevate events attended by 150 top-performing Connectivity partners in EMEA and the Americas, enabling us to set you up for even greater success.


    We introduced two new lessons, a deep dive on’s products and on pricing foundations, as part of the Property Performance course. Almost 500 people, representing over 1000 of your companies, have taken this course so far. We also launched the Supply Course, which contains four lessons about supply fundamentals that can help improve your properties’ visibility and ranking. 


    Another benefit we introduced in 2020 is dedicated technical support for Premier Connectivity partners. This has already proven helpful for Hotelnet and Vacasa, reducing their Rates & Availability API error rate from more than 50% to less than 1%.


    More recently, we launched a guide to Premier Connectivity providers for properties looking for a new provider. This guide gives our Premier Connectivity partners extra well-deserved exposure and makes it easier for properties to make the right choice based on their needs.


    What’s coming up in 2021

    We know it can be hard to keep up with the benefits you’re eligible for as you move through the Partner Programme. That’s why in 2021 we’ll be adding clear instructions to the Partner Portal on how you can access and use each of your benefits.


    You’ve also told us we can improve our commercial benefits, so we’re offering funding to our Premier partners for their most innovative projects. If you’re already a Premier partner, your Partner Business Manager will explain how you could receive funding.


    And despite all the challenges of 2020, some of you have already hit Premier status before the end of the year, meaning you’ve locked in next year’s benefits early. BookingSync is one of these partners who are ahead of the crowd – take a look at this article to find out how they managed to achieve Premier status back in October

    Easier to action: fewer programme metrics and requirements

    The scoring system we use in the Connectivity Partner Programme gives everyone the opportunity to reach the Advanced and Premier tiers. It doesn’t matter if you’re more focused on hotels or Vacation Rentals – we award programme points for a variety of requirements, so you can earn them for working on the areas that best match your business. And in 2021, we’re making this simpler than ever by reducing the number of metrics you need to achieve to progress in the programme.

    Business value

    Indicating your overall business performance on our platform.



    2020 2021
    • Total active property count
    • Active property count growth in selected locations
    • Content API usage for new onboardings
    • Content quality of new onboardings
    • Stayed room nights
    • Stayed room nights growth
    • As booked room nights 
    • As booked room nights growth


    NEW! Selection and supply

    Indicating your bookable portfolio and the supply this portfolio is offering on our platform.


    2020 2021
    Not applicable


    Property performance

    Enabling your properties to boost their performance on our platform.


    2020 2021
    • Strategic opportunities
    • Deals and promotions
    • Quick-win opportunities
    • Content quality: Property Page Score
    • High ranking & conversion: Pricing Adoption Score

    Connectivity Solutions

    Indicating your commitment to offering our solutions to your properties directly on your system.

    2020 2021
    • Over 50 metrics on API implementation and usage per solution or feature
    • Implementation Score
    • Usage Score
    • Quality Score


    Indicating your participation in a variety of engagement activities.


    2020 2021
    • Participating in engagement activities throughout the year
    • Participating in engagement activities listed in the programme guide each quarter