Help your properties capture the increased demand for travel

As vaccinations roll out and travel restrictions loosen, we’re beginning to see hope, optimism and opportunity return to our industry. We know how important this season is for you and your partners, that’s why we’ll be providing data-backed insights and advice to help you grow your properties’ revenue.

We’re working to provide you continuous support in the months ahead by offering new resources, solutions and product updates.

These will help you:

Plan and prioritise – our Q3 product updates can help you schedule your development resources.
Grow, onboard or switch new properties – with properties opening their doors once again, we can help you facilitate a frictionless return to travel.
Improve your properties’ performance – discover key insights and resources that are designed to help your properties succeed.
Get information and support – share your feedback so we can improve our products in a way that suits your needs.


Plan and prioritise


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Occupancy pricing improves properties' performance

Occupancy pricing allows properties to set prices for all their rooms based on the number of guests actually sleeping in them. This makes them more appealing to different traveller segments and enables them to reach more potential guests. Properties that leverage occupancy pricing will appear in more search results, increase occupancy of more valuable rooms and gain a competitive advantage.

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Check out our Q3 product updates

With travel restrictions easing in many parts of the world, we want to help you prepare for renewed traveller demand. That’s why we’ve updated the onboarding APIs and the Opportunities API to make it easier for you to map facilities and amenities and display opportunities on your platform. As well as this, we’re also introducing three new APIs and API features.

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Make it easier for your properties to get paid facilitates guest payments and payouts to properties either by Virtual Credit Card (VCC) or via Bank Transfer (BT). You can help your properties reduce friction, create seamless payment operations and perform better by taking advantage of three related features of the Reservations API.

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2021 Traveller Insights Guide  

Travellers are starting to book long-awaited trips, and we can already see that their expectations and behaviours have changed. That’s why we’ve created a guide to help you maximise your property’s success this season by better catering to the key traveller behaviours we’re seeing right now.

2021 Traveller Insights



Grow, onboard or switch new properties


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Discover how you can boost your Supply Flow Score

Optimising your Supply Flow Score will help you score more points in the Connectivity Partner Programme. To help you do that, we’ve prepared a guide to Improving the Supply Flow of your properties. The guide illustrates how limited availability and Length of Stay restrictions prevent properties from appearing in search results. 

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Don’t forget to join the Connectivity Solutions Deal

The 2021 Partner Programme began 1 April, kicking off with a new Connectivity Solutions Deal. Earn even more programme points by implementing features from selected solutions categories. 

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Reminder: check out our Onboarding Solutions

We’ve grouped our essential API products and features together to make the process of onboarding new properties to your platform as smooth and efficient as possible.

Onboarding Solutions


Improve your properties’ performance


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Actionable advice for your properties

Implementing Opportunities is a great way to help your properties unlock additional value. We’ll provide actionable advice to your properties to help improve their ranking, conversions and cancellations, and boost their overall performance on our platform.

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Opt in to the Q3 Property Performance Deal

We’ve put together a Q3 Property Performance Deal to help you make sure your properties are set up for success. You can earn up to 25 points by completing actions that promote views of the 2021 Traveller Insights Guide.

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Travel credits to stimulate demand in the EU

As restrictions around the EU begin to ease, looks forward to paving the way for travel’s revival. That’s why we’ve introduced the Welcome Back to Travel campaign. From 1 July, we will offer a 10% travel credit (up to €200) to EU travellers who book by the end of August. This reward, fully funded by, is available to travellers via the mobile app.

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Introducing the Online Check-in API

Our research shows that the majority of properties communicate with guests about check-in details before they arrive. The Online Check-in API is a streamlined process that collects the required information that properties need to successfully check-in guests before they arrive.

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Get information and support


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Earn points by taking part in research

Please share your feedback in our 10-minute product and features Survey. Your input will help us improve our partnership with your needs in mind, while also giving you a chance to earn two programme points.

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Protect your platform against cybercrime

With cybercrime on the rise, it’s increasingly important to remain vigilant against all forms of online fraud. Hear directly from Hostfully about how they worked together with our cybersecurity team to detect suspicious activity and prevent fraud from occurring on their platform in the future.

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