Train your teams to boost your portfolio's performance - and earn points in the partner programme.

Property Performance Course

We know from research that sharing commercial advice with properties can boost loyalty and increase retention. To help you improve your properties’ performance and earn more revenue, we’ve created a training course for your sales and support teams. 

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Lesson 1: Focus Finder

This course will walk you through Focus Finder, a tool created by that details the guest booking journey on our platform – and helps you identify the factors that impact your properties’ performance.
Partner Programme Update

Lesson 2: How to improve your portfolio’s performance

In Lesson 1, you learned how the Focus Finder identifies which factors have the biggest impact on how your properties perform in the guest booking journey. Now we’ll look at each metric in detail, so you can influence your portfolio’s performance with the right products and commercial decisions.
Connectivity Help

Lesson 3: A deep dive into’s products

To help you become an expert in accelerating property performance via the Connectivity Programme, in lesson 3 we’ll take you on a deep dive of’s strategic products. These can have a strong impact on conversion and stayed room nights, and can ultimately lead to increased revenue for your properties.

Supply Course

Learn about supply fundamentals in order to improve your properties’ visibility and ranking in our search results. As well as the basics of supply flow, this course helps you understand everything there is to know about restrictions, including how they impact properties' visibility. We also share best practices to consider when setting up availability with your properties.

Rates and availability

Lesson 2: Availability settings – good practices

In lesson 2, we introduce basic availability terminology, including concepts such as rates, inventory and restrictions. You’ll also learn how properly setting up these availability basics will lead to a better supply flow for you and your properties.