Don’t slow down after a successful summer season

We've spent the past year working together to get your properties back on track and meet rising travel demand. Don't slow down just because the summer season is over. Find out what we can do to help improve the performance of your properties – and gain inspiration from our trailblazing Connectivity partners.

We’re working to provide you continuous support in the months ahead by offering new resources, solutions and product updates.


These will help you:

  • Plan and prioritise – our Q4 product updates can help you earn additional points and make the most out of the Connectivity Partner Program
  • Grow, onboard or switch new properties – discover what's new in the Connectivity Hub to enhance your properties and facilitate the return to travel
  • Improve your properties’ performance – explore key insights and resources designed to help your properties succeed
  • Get insights and tips – see how the travel market is performing and get ahead with our predictions for the industry's future

Plan and prioritise


Get the most out of the Connectivity Partner Programme 

To help you understand all the elements of our Partner Programme, we’ve started the Connectivity Partner Programme (CPP) article series. In our first article, we delve into upcoming Programme Deals and show you how to earn extra points through these optional deals.

Learn about Programme Deals

Earn up to 50 points with our Q4 Programme Deals

This quarter, there are two new programme deals for you to opt into in the Connectivity Partner Programme (CPP). Discover how to earn more points and advise your properties on how to improve their Supply Flow score by completing visibility-boosting marketing activities.

Earn more points

Key dates in our deprecation policy rollout

We recently announced our new deprecation policy whereby we’ll no longer support some solutions offered through the Connectivity platform. Find out the exact dates we will deprecate and sunset specific solutions – and what you can expect to happen after a solution is deprecated.

Explore our deprecation policy

Improve your properties’ performance


How SiteMinder uses Occupancy Based Pricing to help fill rooms

Hotel management platform SiteMinder was an early adopter of our Occupancy Based Pricing integration capability. In this interview with Henry Westmacott, Senior Product Manager at SiteMinder, we uncover how they help make room rates more attractive to guests and increase their properties’ revenue opportunities.

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