2022 Connectivity Partner Programme

Frequently Asked Questions


Read on additional details on the 2022 Connectivity Partner Programme. You can also get an overview of the 2022 programme, including the webinar video. 

1. Program and scoring

Is there a new scoring method for the connectivity partner program?

We use the same scoring logic as the CPP2021. The only changes are that some metrics were removed or changed in the way performance is measured. For all details on the metrics, please check our CPP2022 guide (available when you login to Connectivity Hub via the Download link under the Resources tab).


Will partners get any alert when their score changes?

We are looking to test and integrate scoring information on the Connectivity Updates newsletters that are sent out. Details to subscribe to our newsletter can be found when you scroll down to the bottom of this page.


In reviewing the 2022 Connectivity Partner Programme Guide, the scoring system awards 1 point for 40,000 As Booked Room Nights (ABRNs). This level is almost impossible for us to reach every quarter. Will there be a more individual approach in the future depending on the partner's business/size?

The threshold of points for every performance metric in our program is determined by how all partners are performing. In this case, a substantial group of our partners is able to make it to 40k nights and even reach the highest thresholds for this metric. We understand that this is not true for all our partners, therefore, we balanced the program metrics in such a way that you don’t need to score points in all categories to achieve the Premier status. Of course, we are here to help your business grow any metric and give advice, including growing this particular metric.


What is needed to become a Premier Connectivity partner?

To gain  a premier partner status, a connectivity partner needs to earn 400 points during the program year. For more information on how to qualify for the tiers and earn points, please review the 2022 Connectivity Partner Programme Guide (available when you login to Connectivity Hub via the Download link under the Resources tab).


Does the Connectivity Partner Program include different layers or tiers, such as gold, silver and bronze connectivity partners?

The current program does have different tiers of partners called Standard, Advanced and Premier. Each tier comes with different benefits and partners can learn more about the benefits and requirements in the 2022 Connectivity Partner Programme guide (available when you login to Connectivity Hub via the Download link under the Resources tab).

2. Commercial Benefits

The latest deals are being positioned as “Summer deals” which targets partners in the Northern Hemisphere.  What are the plans for partners in the Southern Hemisphere?

Although these deals are termed as “Summer deals”, these deals are global so there are plenty of southern hemisphere properties eligible to participate. Reach out to your Partner Business Manager or connectivity@booking.com to get a list of eligible properties.


Can you share more guidance on the Partner Innovation Fund?

The Provider Innovation Fund is a commercial benefit that is accessible only to Premier partners. Through this fund, we invest in certain mutually beneficial initiatives throughout the year. This year, we are focusing on targeted new supply, Mobile Rates and Country rates.

3. Connectivity Hub

As you are improving the Connectivity Hub, will you plan to move all the Connectivity Portal features - such as reservation timeline, feature management, machine accounts management, and chat - to the Connectivity Hub this year so that partners can have a single access to manage our partnership?

At the moment, our focus is moving the Connectivity Partner Programme overview. Our ambition is to constantly add features and improvements to enable a seamless and frictionless partner experience. The long term plan is to have a single destination to manage our partnerships.

4. Product functionality and features

You mentioned that partners would be able to offer more functionality to cover what booking.com portal offers. Will this be in the form of new API’s?

In general our goal is to offer via our APIs as many services that are available to properties via extranet. In these cases, we perform detailed analysis and test the product market fit to be sure this new service/product would make sense in the Connectivity environment as well. Once this is done, we always conduct additional research with our Connectivity providers to get feedback about the new service. 

To see what is planned for this year, please refer to our 2022 Connectivity Product Roadmap (available when you login to Connectivity Hub via the Download link under the Resources tab). We also aim to inform you of all new APIs/services via our newsletter as well.


How can Booking.com help us to inform hotels when new features are implemented as a part of the connectivity program?

This is an important one for us. We will be sharing marketing content to improve the way you connect and share information with your customers regarding booking.com campaigns, products and deals beginning in the coming months, as early as June.

5. Events and Customer Support

Will there be any regional booking.com connectivity events this year?

We started the year with Click. as our first in-person event, not only in Amsterdam but also in the US. Based on the energy and the sentiment at the events, it is clear there is an appetite for more in-person interactions. We are looking to bring back Elevate, our regional events, and also sponsor some of our Premier partner events.


We don’t have access to a Connectivity Partner Business Manager and sometimes find it challenging to identify a designated customer relations or technical support person for us. Is there an option in CPP for us to get in touch with you directly for our concerns?

Our support team is available for you to answer all your questions, you can email them at connectivity@booking.com. If you have special requests, they can help connect you with the person best equipped to respond. For partners who earned the Premier status in our program, there will be a partner business manager assigned.