The Connectivity Advisory Board 2018-2019

One year on, find out what we learnt from our first-ever Connectivity Advisory Board.

Advisory Board 2018-2019


To get a better understanding of our Connectivity Partners’ top priorities and challenges, we launched the Connectivity Advisory Board in June 2018. Over the past 12 months, board members and executives have met to discuss how we can drive mutual growth and solve friction points.

For the first-ever Connectivity Advisory Board, we welcomed the following members:

  • BookingPal
  • ChinaOnline
  • D-EDGE
  • Eviivo
  • IBS
  • Myallocator
  • Nexteam

What have we learnt in the past year?

1. Home and Core need dedicated boards

As our Home and Core partners have different priorities, it was tricky to define an agenda that was relevant for everyone. So from 2019-20 onwards, we’ll convene two separate boards: the Connectivity Advisory Board for homes and apartments and the Connectivity Advisory for hotels.


2. Plan and schedule a year ahead

As the 2018-2019 board was our first ever, we were planning calls, meetings and topics on an ad-hoc basis. From 2019-2020, board members will be presented with a more structured schedule for the year ahead, so we have the right format for even more fruitful discussions.


3. The board can make a positive impact As representatives of the wider Connectivity community, the board’s insights can lead to positive change that benefits partners. For example, over the past year, the board has raised questions about the eligibility requirements of the Connectivity Partner Programme. As a result, we’ve made it easier for both Home and Core partners to reach Premier Partner status – with a 50-50 share of Home and Core expected in 2020. 


We also plan to share more of the board’s findings and actions with the Connectivity community, whenever possible.

Want to help shape the board’s focus?

You can help define the board’s agenda and future discussions by letting us know what topic matters most to you. 

Suggest an agenda topic by sending an email to