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Your October update

To make sure you’re in the know about how we’re supporting your properties, here’s a summary of our latest updates.

Welcome to the October edition of the Monthly Edit, your round-up of important news, tips, updates and discussions. This is where we share what we’re developing, launching and planning – always created with your properties in mind.

  1. What’s new on the Partner Hub? 
  2. Highlights from Click. 2019. Last month, over 1,000 industry professionals joined us in Amsterdam for our annual thought leadership conference, Click. Over two days of workshops, talks and sessions, our partners had the chance to tap into new insights, peek behind the curtain and see how we’re designing the connected trip of tomorrow. 
  3. Serious about partnership. Together, we’re shaping the future of the short-term rental industry. Based on feedback, we've developed new features to save properties' time and grow their business. Recently released features include tailored, actionable performance tips, as well as a new quality rating specifically designed for vacation rentals.
  4. Increase revenue with room upsells. Properties told us they wanted more ways to upsell rooms. We heard their feedback, and we’ve now made it easier for guests to switch to premium room types before they arrive – meaning more revenue per booking, smoother check-in and quicker re-sale of your more affordable rooms. This feature is currently available to partners with flexible policies.
  5. Greater protection against invalid credit cards. To make things easier for your properties – and to give them greater protection against fraud – we’re increasing the number of zero-value authorisation checks. And to help save time, we’ll mark these cards as invalid on their behalf. 
  6. Get to know us: Meet Mark Potton. Did you know we have six dedicated teams working on performance marketing in over 45 languages? Mark Potton, our VP of Marketing, explains how performance marketing has evolved over his 14 years at - and how we are committed to bringing more new bookers and traffic to your property. Read the article

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  • Here’s a summary of our October updates.

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