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What’s cooking at for Connectivity partners

Discover the long-term view for Connectivity tech and the new APIs you can implement

Our vision is to create a self-service, future-proof platform. So, how do we do that? Join Rolf Nijdam, Connectivity Partner Programme Manager, and Kareem Selim, Manager Software Development, as they discuss the API modernisation principles we’re following that will ultimately enable partners to connect to multiple providers. 

In addition to the long-term view to help you plot a vision for the future, in this session you’ll hear about our immediate areas of focus for Connectivity in 2021. From pricing to payments to the new Check-in and Messaging APIs, this session will get you up to speed and ready for the future.

Discover our 2021 Connectivity Road Map so you can plan for the future.

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  • We’re adding more sophisticated pricing solutions and advice to help you decide which ones to implement
  • With demand beginning to return this year, we share ways to help you ensure your accommodation partners have enough supply available
  • There’s a payment revolution going on around the world – and inside our APIs
  • New APIs for Messaging and Check-in are ready for you to implement

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