Understanding our new deprecation policy

We now have a deprecation policy in place. In short, deprecation means that while you can still temporarily use an API solution, we no longer actively support its implementation and usage. Find out more about deprecation, including key terms, timelines and processes.

We’ll shortly be launching our deprecation policy. This should clarify the upcoming deprecation as well as any future deprecations. To help you prepare for the launch, this article will address key definitions, timelines, expectations and next steps.

Key definitions

Solution refers to any API product, feature or functionality we offer through the Connectivity platform. 

Deprecation describes a process of phasing out. During API deprecation, we no longer support you with the solution’s usage or implementation – both technically and commercially. You can still use it, but we strongly encourage you to move to an alternative solution if applicable. However, we will still fix business-critical bugs that break the connection.

Sunsetting means that we no longer enable you to use the solution.Deprecation period refers to the amount of time between deprecation and discontinuing, which will follow the contractually agreed-upon timeframe..

Deprecation timeline example and expectations


The process of deprecation will follow these steps:

  1. We inform you when a solution deprecates and sunsets. We’ll do this through our monthly newsletter, the dedicated documentation section within the technical documentation platform, Connectivity Hub and the Provider Portal.
  2. We create migration guides or other resources to help you move to an alternative solution if applicable.
  3. One month before deprecation, we send you reminders via the newsletter and Connectivity Hub. We encourage you to start making plans to make the changes within your systems or interface. 
  4. On the deprecation date we stop supporting the deprecated solutions, unless they are business critical. For example, photos via Content API are blocked from being uploaded is business critical, while longer waiting time for processing uploads is not. Relevant pages in the documentation carry a banner with a note of deprecation. API responses also include warnings with deprecation messages.
  5. During the deprecation period, we send regular reminders to make sure you’re aware and able to reduce the impact of the deprecation. If you experience any difficulties, you can reach out to our support team.
  6. On the sunsetting date we remove all functionality, which makes the solution unusable. API responses will now return errors.
  7. To end the cycle, we archive the documentation and completely remove the solution from our platform.

Next steps

A more in-depth version of the deprecation policy will soon become available within the technical documentation and Connectivity Hub.

For feedback and questions, please reach out to your Connectivity Business Manager or our Connectivity Support team.

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  • We have recently introduced a deprecation policy
  • One month before a solution deprecates we send will you reminders via the newsletter and Salesforce Communities
  • On the deprecation date we stop supporting the deprecated solutions, unless they are business critical

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