Lesson 3

Train your teams to use Booking.com’s strategic products to grow revenue

Learn how to optimise Booking.com’s strategic products to boost your property’s revenue – and earn 50 extra programme points.

We’ve saved the most exciting part of the Property Performance course for last: growing your revenue.

The first two lessons introduced the Focus Finder, as well as key business metrics and tips to boost your portfolio’s performance. Over 1,000 partners have successfully completed these lessons and shared their positive feedback as well as ideas for upcoming courses. We’ll be using these as we build up and add new courses to the Education section throughout the year.

The third and final lesson of the Property Performance course takes you on a deep dive into Booking.com’s strategic products. You’ll learn how they impact conversion and ultimately increase revenue for your properties. This lesson is particularly interesting for support and sales teams.

What can your teams expect to learn?

This lesson offers training on our most valuable programmes and products. You and your teams will learn about their benefits and impact on property performance. The lesson includes step-by-step videos that guide your teams on where to find and how to implement each product in the extranet. You will also hear from marketing managers from across Booking.com, who share valuable insights into key products.

After completing all three Property Performance lessons, you will be prepared to use a variety of products to boost your performance during both peak and low seasons. With these tools, you and your teams will be ready to optimise products and rates to help your properties reach their full potential.

Earn points in the Connectivity Programme when you complete the training

Another benefit of completing the training is earning 50 extra points for the ‘Engagement’ category of the Partner Programme. To win the points, 50% of your sales or support teams must complete the third lesson and the final quiz between 1 April and 30 June, 2020.

Deep-dive into Booking.com’s revenue-growing products.

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  • Lesson three of the Property Performance course explains how to optimise Booking.com products to grow revenue.
  • The training includes step-by-step videos that guide you and your teams through relevant parts of the extranet.
  • You can earn 50 extra Connectivity Programme points if you complete the training and quiz between 1 April and 30 June.

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