Property Performance

Train your teams to boost portfolio performance – and earn 100 programme points

Find out how our specially designed training course can help improve your team, portfolio and programme performance in one go.

We know from research that sharing commercial advice with properties can boost loyalty and increase retention. To help you improve your properties’ performance and earn more revenue, we’ve created a training course for your sales and support teams. 

Made up of three lessons and quizzes, this training will help your teams understand how performance is assessed on, so they can give the right commercial advice to your properties. Two of the three lessons are available now.

If at least half of your teams take Lessons 1 and 2, you’ll earn 100 points under the Engagement pillar of the Connectivity Partner Programme. If half of your teams take one lesson, you’ll get 50 points.

What lessons can you expect?

  1. The first lesson trains your teams on the Focus Finder, a tool that analyses a property’s performance at each step of the guest’s booking journey.
  2. The second lesson focuses on what performance means on, which metrics we use to assess performance, and how you and your properties can affect them.
  3. The third lesson covers key commercial advice and how you can guide your properties to implement opportunities in the extranet.

Ready to boost your property portfolio’s performance?

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  • Take three lessons to boost your properties’ performance
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