Take part in our product and features survey to earn extra points

Your feedback helps us develop products to suit your needs. Tell us your thoughts and earn extra points in the process.

After learning that you want to share more feedback with us, we’ve put a short survey together for you to answer. It covers different topics about the way you work and your preferences for certain products.

What have we done with previous research? 

In Q1 this year, we asked you what you thought about discounts sourced via Rate Plans. While the idea was positively received, our proposed solution wouldn’t work for all Connectivity partners. So we created plans for different partner segments and are discussing how to move forward.

How long will the survey take to complete?

It shouldn’t take you longer than ten minutes. 

What will you gain by completing it?

By sharing your thoughts, you help us tailor our products and services to your needs. When you complete the survey you’ll also earn two points in the engagement pillar of the Connectivity Partner Programme.

The survey will ask you about the following topics:

  • Reservations API – the current Reservations API and how reservation delivery should be handled in the future
  • Rates & Availability (R&A) advice – a new idea for delivering R&A advice
  • Opportunities API – the current Opportunities API and its potential features 
  • Online check-in functionality – the online check-in space

Conditions for receiving points

To earn points you just need to complete the survey. Multiple people in your organisation can take part, but we’ll only award two points per Connectivity partner.

Take the survey in the Partner Portal

What do you think of this page?

  • Share your thoughts on topics including our Reservations API, Opportunity API and online check-in functionality
  • Your input could help influence future product development 
  • Earn points in the Connectivity Partner Programme by participating in the survey

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