Road to recovery

Supporting the road to recovery

Find out what we’re working on to help you and your properties through these uncertain times

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted all of our partners in the travel industry. It’s affecting the way people are planning trips and putting pressure on accommodation partners around the globe. 

At, we’re doing everything we can to help our guests and partners address urgent concerns – but we also want to look to the future. That’s why we have experts across the company gathering market insights, tools and advice to help you get through this difficult period and prepare you for when things start to look up again. 

We’re currently working hard on an extensive Connectivity Recovery Toolkit for you and your teams. The toolkit will include:

  • Advice and products to support your properties during lockdown and early recovery 
  • Suggestions on how you can strengthen your foundation and adapt your business
  • Tips to help you focus on the fundamentals while working towards recovery 

What can you expect from the Connectivity Recovery Toolkit? has put together a tailored list of products to help properties recover from Coronavirus (COVID-19). These products will be part of the Connectivity Recovery Toolkit and will offer strategic solutions to your properties. They will focus on:

  • Reducing workload: help properties reduce workload by limiting enquiries from guests about changing or cancelling reservations.
  • Offering flexibility: advise properties to set up a sustainable and flexible rate plan to attract existing demand in the market. 
  • Attracting domestic demand: encourage properties to look to future sources of bookings from domestic travellers. 

 We’ll share this list of recovery products with your connected properties through the Opportunities API

  • If you’ve adopted the Opportunities API, we advise you to direct your properties to the section of your system that displays opportunities.
  • If you don’t have the Opportunities API yet, we strongly advise you to adopt it so you can offer the right recovery advice to your properties in the coming months. 

We’re working towards a global recovery strategy to support all our partners across the world. You’ll be the first to know when the Connectivity Recovery Toolkit is ready to be used by you and your teams. 

Get the latest updates on what we’re doing to support properties across the world. 

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  • We’re creating a Connectivity Recovery Toolkit for you and your teams that will be available in the coming weeks.
  • The Opportunities API offers recovery advice to properties directly in your system.
  • For now, we advise properties to work on sustainable rate plans, offer travellers flexibility and focus on future domestic demand.

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