Summer is over, but we’re still supporting you this high season

Thank you for everything you did to help make this summer a success. Now, we’re shifting our focus towards capturing high-season travellers as demand continues to rise in other parts of the world.

Throughout summer, we supported partners in the Northern Hemisphere with our data-driven guide on capturing sun-seeking travellers. This was fuelled by insights on our platform, which pointed towards rising travel demand and increased searches for specific periods in the summer. We can proudly say that our efforts paid off – with the help of your hard work. We appreciate everything you did to make this summer truly memorable.

With the sun setting on a successful summer in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re shifting our focus towards the high season in other parts of the world – specifically, the Southern Hemisphere. Similar to our summer guide, we’re sharing insights and API solutions to help properties attract travellers during the Southern Hemisphere’s high season. We’ve identified high-value travel segments and key moments when travel demand rises significantly. The latter includes the holiday season, New Year, the Lunar New Year and Carnival.

Throughout the high season, we’ll be sharing the tools your properties need to succeed – whether it’s capturing early demand or staying ahead of the game as the season progresses.

Capture growing demand

Make the absolute best of the high season by helping your properties increase their visibility between October and December. Searches on our platform are already 15% higher than they were this time in 2019. With the Rates and Availability API, your properties can make sure that their availability is up to date and remove restrictions that could prevent them from capturing the early demand we’re seeing. By implementing the Promotions API, your properties can set up an early-booker deal and attract early-high-season bookers directly via your interface.

Cater to travellers’ preferences

We’ve identified three high-value traveller types that are trending this high season:

  • 20% of early searches are from families, with demand peaking in December. By setting attractive rates for children via the Room and Rate Plan Management API, your properties can tap into this travel segment. Alternatively, they could set up pricing rules for children of different ages using the Property Management API.
  • 50%+ of our searches are from couples. Catering to the pricing needs of couples, groups and solo travellers can maximise your properties’ visibility. Check out the three pricing models we offer that allow you to set prices for different occupancies. They can be used together with the Rates and Availability API to tailor rates for different groups.
  • 40% of early searches are for 3-7-day stays. Help your properties stand out using the Room and Rate Plan Management API. It enables them to set up weekly or monthly rate plans, which are especially attractive to long-stay guests.

Flexibility is still in demand

Almost 90% of early-season bookings are with flexible rates, although non-refundable bookings are regaining popularity. Your property partners can create base rate plans with flexible policies using the Room and Rate Plan Management API. They could, for example, allow date changes for non-refundable bookings, allowing them to meet the demand for flexibility without compromising their revenue.

Ramping up our marketing efforts

From expanding our successful Booking.yeah campaign in more key markets to our mobile marketing efforts (two-thirds of bookings on our platform are made on mobile devices), we’re doing our absolute best to ensure your properties are in the spotlight.

Explore our high season guide

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  • Thank you for everything you did to showcase our products and solutions to help properties in the Northern Hemisphere capture rising demand this summer
  • We’re now focusing on the Southern Hemisphere and other parts of the world, where we’ll help partners capture high-season demand
  • We’ve identified key travel moments during the high season – the holidays, New Year, Lunar New Year and Carnival
  • Discover which APIs you can implement to help your properties maximise their performance during the high season

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