Content API - Room Amenities

Smoother onboarding with the Content API

To improve your properties’ experience, we’ve added three new features to the Content API.

New room amenities available

To help your properties attract more guests, we’ve added 19 new room amenities to the Content API. These include key amenities like Streaming Service (such as Netflix). Your properties can now configure up to 178 room amenities in the Content API.

Find out more about the new amenities in our documentation.

Check your new properties’ connection status

We’re constantly working to make onboarding new properties easier for you. Now, you can check the connection status of new properties using the OTA_HotelSearch endpoint. With this new feature, you no longer have to check this information manually.

Learn more about OTA_HotelSearch in our documentation.

Registration errors explained

To help you manage your properties’ expectations when onboarding, we’ve created a page that explains the most common errors in HotelSummaryNotif. On this page, you can see the requirements for properties to register with, as well as tips on how to resolve the most common error messages.

You can find this new page in our documentation.


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  • 19 new room amenities available.
  • Retrieve new properties’ connection status through the API.
  • Explain and solve registration errors.

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