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Set yourself up for success: meet the programme team and learn about their tips to help you move up in the Partner Programme

With a new year comes new possibilities to grow in the Partner Programme. Here are some quick wins for each category in the programme, perfect for setting yourself up for success in 2020.

Business Value

The Business Value category represents both your total and overall business growth generated on It also represents the quality of your onboarding process.

  • Start earning points by onboarding new properties with the Content API. The Content API makes onboarding properties quicker and easier, and now you can earn points when you use it. The number of points you get will be determined by the percentage of properties that you onboarded using the Content API during the previous month. 
  • Optimise the Property Page Score of your new properties. We want properties to have the best possible content so they start receiving bookings as soon as possible. That’s why you can now earn points if the average property page score (or content score) of all the properties you onboarded in the previous month is at least 80. The score is determined by the number and resolution of property photos, as well as content about details like languages spoken at the property, room amenities and surroundings and transport information. Consider offering this advice to your properties as an extra service.

Property Performance

The Property Performance category helps our mutual accommodation partners perform well on the platform. It does this by sharing personalised commercial advice.

  • Make sure you communicate with properties in multiple ways. Research shows us that repetition and reaching properties using multiple channels has a stronger impact. Using in-system pop-ups combined with emails and calls is the most effective way to help properties implement opportunities.
  • Do you have a sales team or support team? Encourage your internal teams to pitch opportunities on the phone or during market visits. This has proven very successful with other Connectivity partners

Products & Quality

The Products & Quality category encourages a high-quality delivery chain between, Connectivity Partners and your properties. Adopting products helps properties to reduce operations friction and become more efficient.

  • Earn points by adopting the improved Opportunities API. By adopting the Opportunities API, you can share personalised commercial opportunities with your properties directly in your system. This is a scalable way to give properties relevant commercial advice to help them increase revenue and reach their full potential on The improved version includes availability opportunities based on high-demand dates and will go live in early February.

Engagement category

The Engagement category rewards you for sharing your feedback with us and taking part in partner initiatives.

  • Unlock points by updating your company info. To give you the best support, we need your up-to-date company info and contact details. You can give these to us in the Partner Portal (points will be visible as of Q2).
  • Earn 5 points for attending the first webinar of 2020. Next week we’ll deep dive into the new Partner Programme, product road map and new benefits you can earn. Take part to pick up all the information you need and earn a few extra points. Check your inbox for a webinar invite.

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