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See what’s new in our latest Promotions API update

It’s been a year since we released the Promotions API, and now you can use it to manage mobile rates too.

When we launched it in February 2018, our Promotions API gave your properties new tools to target potential guests. These include using special badges to help them stand out from other nearby properties, and offering the Basic, Early Booker and Last Minute deals so they can stay competitive all year long.

In June 2019 we added the business bookers and country rates deals – and now we’re improving the Promotions API even more, by adding mobile rates.

Why have we added these deals?

We understand that not every guest is the same, and that different properties rely on different types of guests. The three newest promotions that we’ve added to the API are designed to help your properties target the kind of guests guests that make most sense for their business.

  • Business bookers: this helps properties attract business travellers, who spend more and cancel less. They also tend to book on weekdays, which can help boost occupancy when properties aren’t at full capacity.

  • Country rates: properties can set specific discounts for travellers from selected countries, allowing them to attract guests from the markets they’re looking to target.

  • Mobile rates: guests browsing on a mobile device get special discounts, helping your properties tap into this growing segment. Our research shows that mobile bookings increase by 26% when properties activate this discount. And 66% of mobile bookings come from millennials, so offering mobile rates can help properties target a younger audience.

Take a look at our full documentation to find out more about how the updated Promotions API can benefit you and your properties.  

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Learn more about the Promotions API updates Read the API documentation

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  • We’re adding mobile rates to the Promotions API so your properties can target guests booking on mobile devices
  • This new feature sits alongside business rates and country rates
  • Properties can now use six deals to target different customer segments

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