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The road to Rebuilding Together

Discover what the last year teaches us about the future in this Click. 2021 session, featuring’s most senior leaders

Reflecting on the resilience of the travel industry, CEO Glenn Fogel shares his ambitions for the future in the opening session of Click. 2021. Learn how we plan to get there and the key role that partners will play in that journey. 

Glenn is joined by James Waters, SVP Commercial Operations, and Arjan Dijk, CMO, who share their vision for 2021 and beyond, as well as updates from across the business. Don’t miss this essential session from Click. 2021.

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  • We’re focused on working in true partnership by stimulating demand for Connectivity providers and partners across the industry
  • We’re listening and responding to partners across the globe and continuously working to remove friction from travel
  • Learn where we are in the recovery right now and how the recovery might unfold 
  • See how we’re helping partners capture incremental business they otherwise wouldn’t be able to capture is a big focus for 2021

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