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Quick Connect simplifies onboarding so you can connect properties faster

Quick Connect is a series of improvements that will simplify the current five-step onboarding process on the extranet. We’re rolling out phase one in mid-April.

Properties currently have to complete a five-step process in the Booking.com extranet before they can start working with a Connectivity provider like you. You’ve told us that some parts of the process are redundant and create longer onboarding times and delays in connection. We’ve now begun to address those inefficiencies.

Cutting out the extra steps with Quick Connect

Quick Connect brings a series of improvements to cut out unnecessary extra steps so you can connect properties faster. These improvements will focus on three parts of the onboarding process.

Phase 1: Property Auto-Connect

The first phase simplifies the ‘Property Confirmation’ step. Depending on your workflow, we know that this step can take anywhere from a few hours to several days. In some cases, it can take so long that a property forgets to return to the extranet and confirm the connection.

To fix this, we’ll allow properties to connect to you automatically starting in mid-April. This will become the default option and you’ll only need to confirm that you’re ready for their connection to be activated. If they choose to, properties can still confirm the connection manually via the extranet.

Phase 2: Removing the ‘XML Agreement’ step

In the latter half of 2020, we’ll start to test removing the ‘XML Agreement’ step and adding it as a checkbox in the ‘Select Provider’ step instead. If the tests are successful, we’ll roll out this improvement later in the year.

Phase 3: Simplifying the ‘Provider Confirmation’ step

In the last phase of Quick Connect, we’ll explore how to optimise the ‘Provider Confirmation’ step. At the moment, you can only manage and approve connection requests from the Connectivity Partner Portal. We’ll be exploring ways to make this process simpler and more efficient.

To learn more about Quick Connect and get step-by-step instructions for connecting your properties, take a look at the Connectivity Onboarding solutions page.

Visit the solutions page

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  • Quick Connect is a series of improvements aimed at simplifying the onboarding process in the extranet.
  • In mid-April we’ll be rolling out phase one. Properties will be able to skip the ‘Property Confirmation’ step and connect with you automatically.
  • In phases two and three, we’ll explore ways to simplify the ‘XML Agreement’ and ‘Provider Confirmation’ steps.

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