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Quick Connect 2.0: seamlessly connecting properties to your services

Reduce the time it takes for new properties to connect to your services with Quick Connect 2.0, our improved onboarding tool

You’ve told us that creating a seamless and fast property onboarding experience is one of your top priorities. By optimising the onboarding process, your properties can become bookable faster – which also reduces operational overhead for your operations teams.

In 2020, we introduced Quick Connect – our first step in enhancing the property-provider connection process. As a result, we managed to reduce the time it takes new property partners to connect to your services by up to 50%.  

To optimise this process and improve the connection experience further, we’re introducing Quick Connect 2.0 – a non-API solution that allows property partners to set up the connection with Booking.com directly from your interface. In other words, they no longer need to switch between your interface and the Booking.com extranet to complete the onboarding process. 

Quick Connect 2.0 provides a simple, seamless and faster way for you to onboard property providers. It’s designed to reduce the time it takes to onboard a property, and because it can be handled completely from your interface, it removes the need to contact our technical support team. 

How does it work? 

Interested in implementing Quick Connect 2.0? Simply copy and paste the code snippet into your property-facing interface to display the ‘Connect with Booking.com’ button.

Button example
Example of the ‘Connect with Booking.com’ button.


Once a property provider clicks on the ‘Connect with Booking.com’ button, they will need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Log in with their extranet credentials 
  2. View the ‘features’, select that they read and agree with the terms and conditions, and click ‘connect’ in the pop-up window
  3. A ‘pending connection’ screen will appear
  4. They can close the pop-up and return to your interface

Once a property has requested the connection, you will receive an email with the property’s details. After you’ve confirmed their request, the connection will be activated.

Ready to reduce the time it takes to connect new properties? 

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  • Provide a seamless connection experience for new properties with Quick Connect 2.0 
  • Further reduce processing times and enable new properties to connect to Booking.com directly from your interface
  • Quick Connect 2.0 is an easy to implement, non-API solution designed to save you time while reducing operational overhead for your operations teams

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